Yawcam Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Yawcam is the short form of Yet Another Webcam Software. It allows the users to do a live broadcast from DV can or the webcam. Additionally, this tool can also save taken snaps to the local file, and upload them to the remote FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server or utilize them through the integrated webserver. Also, a motion discovery function allows the users to begin taking snapshots directly or do other things whenever the app finds any motion within the monitored spot.

Other options comprise optional text overlays, timestamps, password protection, motion detection mode, image-to-movie conversion, a built-in scheduling engine, and a lot more. This app can also optionally works as the Windows service. It is a webcam app for Microsoft Windows created in Java. The major concept for this utility is to keep it easy and simple to utilize but to comprise all the regular options.

Features Of The Yawcam Software :

  • Image snapshots
  • Video streaming
  • Motion detection
  • Built-in webserver
  • Text and image overlays
  • FTP-upload
  • Online announcements for the communities
  • Password protection
  • Time-lapse movies
  • Scheduler for online time
  • Run as a Windows service

Numerous Ways Of Broadcasting :

Relying on the preferences, you can really broadcast the webcam through HTTP, FTP, or stream, provided you enter the credentials first for connecting to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server in Settings. You can also allow motion detection so that each time a movement is seen, a screenshot is taken automatically and saved to the folder you choose. Because of this feature, you can even make use of Yawcam as the surveillance tool, as soon as you regulate the tolerance and sensitivity levels. Moreover, you can also set it to begin broadcasting the webcam automatically according to the schedule you make, so you no longer have to turn it on manually.Try QQ International


Share The Webcam With Friends :

You’ll be capable of sharing the URL of the webcam with anybody you desire, and they’ll be capable of seeing your webcam stream without any added action on their part. You can also send the custom URL to the people within the network of yours as well, those behind a router, so that they can too see that stream. They’ll be capable of adjusting the FPS and your video quality, as well as decrease or increase the scale. For ensuring that the webcam can’t be watched by unauthorized people, who just stumbled across a link, you can also set off the password protection, so that everybody has to enter the password and username you have set up before accessing the Yawcam stream.Try Logitech Webcam it is the same thing


Overall, the Yawcam download is a helpful broadcasting and webcam tool which comprises features that can be utilized for a lot of diverse reasons. It can assist you in effortlessly setting up the webcam server so that the friends of yours can watch the webcam in a secure and professional manner. This tool can also capture the webcam streams and append different effects to the videos.

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