XWidget Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The XWidget program offers its users a widget engine and an incredible variety of different items. The widgets comprise widgets for search, weather, system, uptime, notes, RSS, Internet, photo album, and a lot more. If you are searching for a method to make the daily tasks a lot simpler, then this application can assist you a lot in doing so because it offers information in real-time, and you can easily customize the tool however you see fit. The widget for weather can and ought to be configured to the country you are a resident of, and you will have access to the dependable forecast info so you can prepare.

The widget for the clock is also easily customizable, and you get it right off together with the widget for the weather. One of the major benefits of this utility is that it permits a high personalization level. It denotes that you can choose how many widgets you make use of, and you can easily edit all of them individually. In general, this program can simply become a dependable desktop companion for all its users who spend much time on their PCs and do not desire to lose touch with the significant every day things. If you utilized the Yahoo Widget Engine, then it’s a fantastic substitute for you.

Features Of The XWidget App:

Check out the following features of this XWidget application that you will get to enjoy:

  • Make your own suites or widgets simply with the built-in designer (JavaScript coding, APIs/cores)
  • Personalize the desktop and enliven the desktop with different widgets
  • A broad assortment of widgets separated in different categories Weather, DateTime, Information, System, Media, and Others
  • Make use of the incorporated online gallery and download all the widgets (more than sixteen hundred) with simple one-click
  • Can also support the Steam Cloud Sync UserData and Widgets
  • This application can also be utilized in parallel to any other Steam app or game
  • Minimum RAM and CPU usage


Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Application:

The XWidget tool provides the following pros and cons to its users:


This tool has a nice variety of widgets, allows the users to download a lot more from the internet, edit the existing widgets, and make widgets of your own. It also has a useful dashboard for opening, looking for, and managing different widgets. Set it, so the desktop icons are hidden automatically when the app starts; simply double-click on the desktop for hiding the desktop icons. The utility is freeware.


Individuals who want to stick with the MS products will likely make use of the Win gadgets in place of trying the good widgets provided by this application.

The Bottom Line:

The XWidget download puts a good collection of nice-looking and helpful widgets at the disposal. You’re very well recommended to try such a free desktop platform. All things considered, the tool can prove to be a dependable desktop companion for the people who are searching for such a program. It can also be an excellent alternative to the suspended Yahoo Widget Engine with additional customization capabilities and a lot more features overall.

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