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Whenever you store sensitive and important folders and files on the optical discs, such as DVDs and CDs, it is significant to keep the backup copies of such files on the hard disk, so in case your optical disc gets broken or scratched, you’ll be capable of retrieving the data. The same goes when working on some significant things and you’ve sensitive information stored on the hard disk, which you ought to back up on some other location. For all such tasks, you can just make use of the WinImage, a Windows tool that permits the user to make and edit any type of image file, no matter the size of it and the number of files it has.

Features Of The WinImage App :

  • Extract file(s) from the disk image,
  • Make a disk image from a removable drive (such as your USB drive), floppy, CD-ROM,
  • Inject directories and files into some existing disk image,
  • Make empty disk images,
  • Defragment the disk image,
  • Change the disk image format,
  • A powerful batch assistant mode that allows the user to automate a lot of operations,


Edit MBR Properties, Format Disks, And A Lot More :

Furthermore, it has a set of settings and options created for meeting the needs of more advanced users. For example, it can be utilized for editing the MBR (master boot record) properties, formatting the disks, erasing a physical drive, and resetting that as bootable or even making a virtual hard drive from the physical one and restore this at some later time. There’s a choice for changing the virtual disk images, allowing the users to simply create the fixed size or dynamically expanding different VHD files. The tool comes in very handy for making the custom boot disks or doing the backups of the hard-disk data. It can save the time required for restoring the system or installing Windows again and all the essential software, in case of the system crash.Download Synaptics Pointing Device Driver

Create & Manage Disk Images For Different Purposes With WinImage :

Also, the incorporated batch assistant is created to assist you in processing the sets of files with the single operation, making the image-making procedure just a matter of hitting a few Next buttons. You can make use of the WinImage download for extracting the files from the disk image, eliminate existing content, append files and folders to the image, modify the label, make new directories, and see the detailed info about the loaded image file. Moreover, you can also compare the content of 2 diverse disks.Do Textpad


The WinImage permits the users to make images from any type of hard disk or optical disc partition and save it in numerous formats. Besides that, it allows you to insert files into an already generated image file. Moreover, it can create VHD image files from the physical hard disks.


A few software options, for instance, the settings for the new image, might be harder to comprehend by the beginners.


With the intuitive interface of WinImage, it can be utilized by beginners and professionals alike. It can really bring to the table the essential programs for handling the virtual disk images and accomplishing the data backups. However, it has been discontinued, so the app will not get any updates anymore.

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