Windows Live Messenger Download Free For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

Previously recognized as the MSN Messenger, the Windows live messenger is the answer of Microsoft to IM. While largely the same as its precursor, it is unique for permitting the users to share files and folders locally with fellow members. It can also serve up the usual animated emoticons, buzzes, and winks, along with multiplayer gaming, free computer-to-computer calling, video chatting, and mobile phone messaging. Plus, it appends VoIP (voice over IP) capabilities that allow the users to call telephones around the world for a fee.

Once installed successfully, the Windows live messenger shows a features’ drop-down menu along the top, your contacts within the pane, a search bar, and tabs for Rhapsody, eBay, and other such services along the left. The fans of Microsoft will like the addition of MSN Spaces and the other properties of the company. Also, a plus is that Yahoo Live Messenger and this live messenger now allow you to directly connect with your friends who make use of either tool. For doing this in the past, you would have to make use of a tool like Trillian.Try Virtual Router

Features Of The Windows Live Messenger :

The following are the Features of the Windows live messenger download:

  • Let The Personality Shine:

Personalize Windows live messenger with a background theme and photograph that can really reflect the unique style, and badges that show reasons that are significant to you. Grumpy? Happy? Excited? Express the moods using different emoticons.Get Baidu Wifi Hotspot

  • Build The List Of Your Friends:

You will have a lot of friends to chat within the Windows live messenger before you acquaint it. Import buddies from other services such as Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn. No need for re-creating the contact list.

  • Chat From The Hotmail:

Log in to Windows live messenger right from the Hotmail inbox and talking to the buddies. You can also have several chats happening at the same time.

Windows Live Messenger

  • Share & Play While Chatting:

Liven up the chats by watching videos, sharing pictures, or playing Windows live messenger games together. Be certain to post the scores.

  • Share Baby’s First Steps:

Now, Grandma does not have to miss a thing, simply begin a video call and share the videos and pictures in real-time. That is family memories the Windows live messenger manner.

  • Chat With Your FB Friends:

See who is online and enjoy all the fantastic features of chatting in the Windows live messenger. From the Messenger window, you can speak with Your FB friends, see their updates, post comments, and update your status. Share links and pictures with the status updates.

  • Leave A Video Message:

Why send a birthday card when you can actually leave the video message using the Windows live messenger? If the buddy is away from their computer, you can record and then send the video messages. That way they can really hear from you live!

Usability & Quality Of The Windows Live Messenger :

The Windows live messenger comprises a lot of interesting new features, all easily built into an excellent interface. We are not certain that this handful of new features is the cause of why the tool weighs in at almost seventy MB. The most outstanding feature in the new live messenger is a new interface with a bright design, far from the conventional Windows app structure. You can modify it by selecting your own color and theme scheme.

For maintaining the neatness of its design, the Windows live messenger menu bar has been hidden under some buttons on the top-right, though you can make the standard menu bar visible temporarily by hitting the Alt button. While we comprehend the cause of why they did so, it makes menu choices a little uncomfortable to browse.

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