Windows Live Essentials Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Windows live essentials suite was introduced fir assisting the user in pushing through his everyday works that can be accomplished at the comfort of his PC. There’re different versions of the windows essentials in numerous names, but the newest and the advanced one of the suite was launched in the year 2012. Microsoft then included the different methods it required an individual application instead of the suite separately in the future updates of the OSs. The windows essentials suite 2012 reached the end of support, which denotes the program is not compatible with the updated OS in early 2017. For the ones who’re utilizing the feature, there’re no worries because the apps will work until you change over to some other system or go for a complete mode reset.

Windows Live Essentials Features :

The windows essentials have a list of almost nine apps that assist the users in making their life much simpler with the assistance of the PC.

  • Writer, Mail, Bing Bar & Messenger:

Such features are one of the most exceptional key points that the keen user can make use of to make his communications much simpler with the world; he’s attempting to contact. The Bing bar is a place where you can get frequent updates from the world from the sites; you utilize every day. The messenger is an app where you can chat continuously with your buddies who are connected to you through the outlook profile. It’ll allow the users to almost instantaneously share the data with friends as well as keep on growing the circle, given he’s connected to the internet.Get My Wifi Router

Windows Live Essentials

  • Photo Gallery:

It was an app that’d assist you in viewing your photos, editing them, and titivating them by unleashing your inner artist. The apps would allow you to modify the pictures that you’ve saved on your PC. This program was helpful in replacing the culture of installing any 3rd-party apps from the internet.Download Smart Share

  • Family Safety:

This app assists you in making your PC a platform common to a lot of members you know very well. This tool would allow you to take charge of the Windows Store purchases, sites that you visit, and a lot of such processes utilizing this app. This feature of the windows essentials is helpful to all the parents out there who have children at home, and as well they can keep in check what their kids are doing on the PC when they’re not around.

Conveniently Install A Few Of The Most Helpful Microsoft Programs :

Aside from the basic needs, most of the included applications may need complete Admin rights and a valid Microsoft account for being installed and configured. With this out of the way, just run the installer and select one of the two given options: either install all the integrated applications with a simple mouse click or choose them individually from the list.


Lastly, if you have moved on to newer Windows versions, but you still prefer a few of a little old-school Microsoft applications such as Photo Gallery, Photo Makes, Live Messenger, and Live Writer, then it is absolutely recommended that you go for the Windows live essentials download and conveniently install all of these apps from the same place.

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