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Support for the Windows 7 is officially over now, which denotes Microsoft desires holdouts for upgrading to Windows 10 for keeping the devices running smoothly and securely. If you’ve the older laptop or computer still running Windows 7, you can buy the Windows 10 Home OS on Microsoft’s site for 139 dollars. But you do not necessarily need to shell out that much money: A free upgrade offer from Microsoft that technically finished in 2016, but it still works. When Windows 10 was first launched in 2015, Microsoft provided an unprecedented free upgrade for the users of Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, good through July 2016.Do Boot Disk Utility Download

But in the year 2017, Ed Bott of CNET sister website ZDNet stated that the free upgrade program was still useful. The users of Windows 7 who do not upgrade to the newer version will no longer be capable of getting Microsoft’s security fixes or updates, or technical support for any problems, leaving the PC at higher risk from malware and viruses. While the users of Windows 10 have encountered a lot of bugs over the years, upgrading remains the best choice to keep the PC safe.Do Windows Vista ISO Download

Windows 10 Features :

Before heading down to Windows 10 free download, first of all, let’s talk about the Windows 10 features, which are in the final Windows version. If you’re new who’s moving to Windows 10, then you have to check our list so that you can learn how helpful is this new version of Windows. As you acquaint that the Bill Gates lately announced that he’s not updating Windows 7 any longer. It denotes that Windows 7 will be down with us until 2020.Do Microsoft office Starter Download

Windows 10 Pro

In such a case, the majority of the people are moving to this final Windows version. Windows 10 has all the necessary features which were not there in the previous versions of Windows. They compiled both of such versions features into this version and made it the final one, which denotes that you’ll not see any other new Windows versions. Ok, now let’s discuss the exciting and cool features of this latest Windows operating system:

  • Cortana On Desktop:

Are you one of the laziest individuals? If yes, then all of these fantastic features of Windows 10 are for you. Cortana is the voice assistant that can really work on the voice commands of yours. It can really work absolutely the same as the Amazon assistant or the Google voice assistant. Now utilizing the computer or the laptop is a lot simpler than before.Download Windows 7 Professional ISO

  • Start Menu:

We hope that you’re also like us who do not like that creepy Start Menu of Windows 8. If yes then here’s great news for you, Microsoft has replaced that full-screen windows 8 Start Menu with a new Style in Windows 10. When you simply open it, you’ll find out the recently installed apps in the recent menu. You can also append the Quick Launch apps, which can be located on the right side. On the left side, you can append the quick actions for accessing them instantly; these comprise My Computer, Settings, and My Documents, and so on.Do Setfsb Free Download

  • Xbox Application:

So do you like playing video games? Then let us to introduce you with this fantastic Windows 10 Xbox app, which enables the users to play the Xbox Games right on the PC. Microsoft has allowed Direct X 10 and improved the quality of the graphics and the performance so that you can really enjoy the experience. Albeit, it’s the Xbox DVR feature, which enables you to record the thirty secs of Gameplay. In such a case, you’ll never overlook the unanticipated win in the game and can show it to your buddies later. You can also take screenshots directly from the Xbox DVR, so say no more to those 3rd-party apps.Do AdbFire Free Download

  • Tablet Switch:

Do you have a tablet PC? Are you not comfortable while utilizing your Windows in it? If so, then here’s the Windows 10 feature, which you can make use of for making it simple. This new Tablet features will enable the users to change the layout of the Windows into easy Tablet user interface so that you can feel comfortable while utilizing it. They’ve improved many things in it in the newest update that is even more stable then it was ever before.Do AMIDuOS Free Download

  • Multitasking:

Do you desire to access all the opened apps in Windows 10 rapidly? Then here’s the best method of doing so, an improved and all-new multitasking feature will enable you to see all the opened apps all at once. You can rapidly jump between one app to the other by utilizing it. It can be found at the start menu, so simply click it, and you’ll see all the apps that are running in the background.

  • Action Center:

In this latest Windows 10 update, you’ll find out the beautiful and cool action center. From the Action Center, you can simply access all the quick settings all in one place; you can also simply turn on/off Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, etc. The other thing is that you’ll now get all the notifications in one place. This panel for notification is attached to this action center, where you will get your notifications, such as the Android or iOS phones.

  • Microsoft Store:

One of the best features of Windows 10 is this newest and the updated Microsoft Store. In the Microsoft store, you’ll locate all the games and apps as well. You can now install Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps directly on the PC. Now you do not have to have the Bluestacks or any other similar Emulator for running the Android apps on your computer.

  • Unified Settings:

So after the update of Windows 10, Microsoft has removed those two apps for accessing the settings. The settings of the PC and the Control panel are now assembled together so that you can get access to them in one place without launching separate apps.

How To Download Windows 10 ?

Here’s how you can easily download Windows 10 now on your system:

Step#1: Download The Media Creation Tool :

While Microsoft’s closing date, the free Windows 10 upgrade officially ended in middle 2016, it, in fact, did not stop working. As of late 2019, such a free upgrade way still works if you acquaint where to really go, so it is by far the best choice for the ones with the right PCs. If you are still running Windows 7, Windows 8, or 8.1 (the majority of editions), you have to start by downloading the installer of Windows 10. Going this way will denote you won’t have to disburse 139 dollars for the upgrade key, and also keep all the data possible.

First of all, you will desire to download Windows 10 for free. It is done with the Media Creation Tool. You can download this tool easily by clicking on the download button. It should not take longer than two minutes. While you’re waiting, disconnect any pointless accessories for assisting in reducing the possibility of errors.

Step#2: Open The Installer :

Once downloaded, you’ll desire to open the installer. You have to accept the terms then & choose to upgrade this computer now. Then, follow through the on-screen prompts. Windows 10 will then be downloaded to the computer and check if it’s compatible. You may then be shown a list of problematic tools or hardware that can be holding the upgrades back. It is up to you to remove such tools for addressing such concerns.

However, there is a lot of program time, comparatively speaking, between an operating system such as Windows 7 and 10. If you are ditching Win 7 after utilizing it for several years, you probably have much data stored up in apps and files. Not all of such apps and files are certain to be compatible with the newer Windows 10: a few of them might just not work anymore. It is significant to be aware of that and to convert or back up any significant data before you continue. The installer will then port over all your data it can, but it is a great idea to be ready.

Step#3: Finish The Installation :

As the installer continues, the Win 7 or 8.1 computers will reboot a few times. As part of the procedure, it’ll pull the existing product key from the hardware during all this setup. If the Windows version is lawfully activated, it won’t ask for the activation key. Remember, though; it won’t work for Windows Vista or XP, as such versions of Windows never competent for the free upgrade of Windows 10.

You will also get the same flavor of Win that initially shipped with the computer, Windows 10 Pro, Home, Education, or Enterprise. You cannot switch between them in this way of upgrading; you will have to purchase Windows all over again for moving to a diverse version.

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