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The arrival of mobile technology has just reinvented the way people communicate. Over the past years, the mobile devices became even smart, and the apps that were once exclusive to just the desktop devices have now established their way into the mobiles. The fact that mobiles are almost always on makes it a favorite platform to stay with friends, business, and family through instant messaging. WeChat is one of the leading instant messaging platforms that used to be exclusive to the mobiles. With this tool, you can really carry the power of the tool to the desktop. Thanks to the astonishing features in the app that permit the users to sync data from the smartphone to the desktop seamlessly.

After downloading the utility to the system, simply install it and open the app. At the first launch, the tool will show a QR code, just scan it with the application on the mobile device to link your account to the Desktop. Then, you can access all the astonishing features of the program through the Desktop device. A few of the features comprise simple to utilize user interface for sharing different files from the desktop, grab the screen, and sent it through the chat through your screenshot app, group chat mention, message recall, and a lot more.

WeChat Features:

Check out the following supported features of the WeChat app:

  • Screenshot Tool:

At times it is simpler to clarify something with the screenshot, whether it is for school, work, or fun. This tool permits the users to capture and send the image of the screen with the visual call-outs, utilizing added texts and shapes.

  • File Sharing:

Instantaneously share the docs and images with other WeChatters straight from the PC. Your buddies can get the files, whether they are on their mobile or tuned in using the desktop app.

WeChat Now

  • Message Recall:

We acquaint that typos are not limited just to the smartphone, so the Message Recall feature is enabled on the computer app as well. Please note that you can just unsend the latest message sent within the last two minutes.

  • Group Chat Mentions:

This feature makes it simple to grab somebody’s attention when so much is happening. When you mention somebody in the group chat, that person will get a special notification so he or she won’t miss the message.


Making use of the WeChat app is incredibly simple and ought to just take a few minutes of the time to set up and modify. You can easily customize your chat window as you see fit to get your own modified experience utilizing this particular utility. The application is created particularly for novices, permitting you to feel completely confident utilizing all of the features that are accessible within the tool itself. It also occupies very little space on the PC, which is perfect for all sorts of systems. That’s one of the top messaging systems you can possibly usage because of how handy it can be for PC use.


All things considered, if you’re utilizing the application as one of the main IMs on the tablet or smartphone, then the WeChat download can really assist you in making backups simpler, reply to different chats more easily and transmit files between the PC and mobile device without a lot of hassle.

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