WebcamXP Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Have you ever wondered if there’re other uses to the old webcam that’s lying in your drawer? In fact, there’s one more thing you can accomplish with it: make use of it as the surveillance system in the house. As soon as you connect it to the PC and you install & configure the WebcamXP app, the webcam transforms into the security cam. As long as you’ve access to the Internet, you can see the video stream recorded by the cam from anywhere on your net. You can also connect to the camera from the phone if you do not have access to your computer. Broadcasting live video to the site is also doable. The app permits users to do automatic recordings and also has a built-in motion detector.

This motion detector can notice any movement and begin recording right away or send a warning email to you. This application can really support over fifteen hundred models of the Network Cams and is being utilized in commercial applications in shops, museums, malls, and even a few army and police units. The tool can stay online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and can watch and record all that moves. The resource consumption isn’t an issue, and the program does the job perfectly fine on the slower PCs as well.

WebcamXP Supported Devices:

The tool comes with a huge amount of configuration choices, so it may take a little time to set it up and begin broadcasting the content. The cam can be anything from a USB or PCI webcam to the network cams, network, or locally-stored video files.


Different Server Configuration Settings & Other Features:

The configuring servers, conversely, are pretty simple, although there is no help file integrated in the package for lending a helping hand to the rookies. All the fields that have been filled in have the intuitive names, so you are just needed to write down your ports, IP address, passwords and username, set up the upload interval and allow the passive mode if required. Obviously, you’ve complete control over the connected devices so that you can kick & ban the clients, with the tool showing the username and IP address, FPS, country, duration, frames, and other helpful details. The recording is certainly a simple task, but check out the options screen for picking the audio and video compression filters.

The Performance:

Just as anticipated, the WebcamXP utility works like a charm on the Win workstation, remaining extremely friendly with the resources of hardware all the time and without slowing your system down in any way.

Is It Safe To Download & Install This App?

This application was checked for all the possible viruses by a variety of leading antivirus programs, and it’s proven to be one hundred percent safe. Although no spyware, malware, or other malicious software was found, we highly advise the users to recheck the program before installing it on the computer.

The Bottom line:

The WebcamXP download is clearly an extremely helpful tool, providing a huge amount of customization functions that provide you with complete control over the content you broadcast on the net. The rookies, however, might have a difficult time trying to understand how to set it up, so a manual would be an awesome addition.

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