W32DASM Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you’re familiar with programming, you’d acquaint about the low-level programming languages. Such kinds of language are needed for translating codes from the program to the binaries which a computing system can comprehend. In schools, such languages are utilized for demonstrating the procedures involved in machine code teaching. The W32DASM is an app that can disassemble the machine language and translate that language back into the assembling language. This kind of tool is ideal for the people who are interested in reverse engineering; for example, analyze the code snippets for seeing how they really function.

This utility allows the user to open different kinds of executable files like .386, .EXE, .FON, DRV, .OCX, .MPD, .CPL, .COM, .VBX, .DLL, and .VXD files for studying their code. Moreover, you can save your disassembled text docs to your project folder, attach the active x32 process to your debugger, and load the x32 disassembled executable into that process. Additional features that can really boost the user experience with this utility comprise the text search feature, set the disassembly listing at your present instruction pointer, and allowing a break on unloading and load DLL, the thread creation, and exit.

Features Of The W32DASM:

  • Reversing system code into building, readable code
  • Debugging
  • Search Functions
  • The capability of reading the executable files of all types
  • The capability of reverse engineering code for seeing how it is really made and possibly remake it
  • Project Folders

User-Friendly Dis-Assembler With A Straightforward User Interface:

With this program, you can open .386, .exe, .cpl, .com, .drv, .dll, .mpd, .fon, .vbx, .ocx, and .vxd files for studying the code. It really makes it possible to save your disassembly text and make the project files, attach your active x32 process to your debugger, and load your x32 disassembled executable file into a process. You can make use of the text search feature, set the disassembly listing at the present instruction pointer, and enable the break on unloading and load DLL, thread making, and exit. Calls and jumps can be simply executed.


What is more, you can search the alphabetical lists of features exported and imported to the disassembly, directly examine the data segments and objects through the hexadecimal display and search the disassembly for the string data. As far as the customization functions are concerned, you can configure the font setting. The keyboard shortcuts are also supported for all the significant commands, but they can’t be changed into anything else.

License & OS:

Updated lastly on 9 July 2018, this app is licensed as the freeware software which is created for Windows x32 and x64 OS. In such a case, you’ll get no restriction. This application or tool is accessible for all the software users, and you can download it free. Thus, it’s excellent news for you, is not it? You have to note that this app is running on Win 10, Win 7, Win 8, Win XP and Win Vista. If you already have one of such Windows, you do not need to feel anxious if you desire to install this utility for the computer.

The Final Verdict:

All things considered, the W32DASM download is perfect for the users interested in reverse engineering, permitting them to take the files apart and discover what really makes them tick. It is wrapped in a straightforward interface and comes with practical options.

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