VLMC Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

From the makers of the well-liked VLC comes VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC), a non-linear video editing tool that you can utilize for editing the video just like in the Adobe Premiere. The program is based on the libVLC and can really work well on all the Windows OSs, as well as on the Mac operating system X and most of the Linux distributions. This video editor was in the Alpha stage, so it was still under making; the beta testing hasn’t begun yet. The tool is pretty easy to utilize and is based on the thoroughly tested framework of VLC.

The interesting fact is that VLMC can read almost any type of media file and can easily export the audio and video to the majority of formats. In simple words, the utility can also convert the videos to other different formats. If you are searching for a free program that can effortlessly and quickly edit the movies and raw video footage collections, it is the program for you. You can test its alpha version as much as you want, but be careful that it’s still full of bugs and can crash quite frequently. However, the final one will be as stable as the VLC player, and the functionality of it will be very much expanded.

Features Of The VLMC App:

  • Based on the established VLC framework
  • Cross-platform: Can run on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
  • Easy to utilize, yet powerful
  • Can easily read all and can export to the majority of formats
  • Totally Free, no advertisements, no spyware, and no tracking

User Interface:

The sleek, black user interface of VLMC with orange and heather color is simple to utilize and simple on your eyes. The editing programs are simple and work great. It’s simple to learn different controls, particularly since the program comes with the startup wizard and a few tutorials to help the new users with its different tools. Getting the work accomplished with the VideoLAN Movie Creator is fun. This system has a clean UI and powerful editing choices. The editing procedure comes with two screens to assist you in managing the elements. The timeline at the bottom of your screen assists you in navigating diverse scenes in the video clip with great precision. Thanks to the handy drag-n-drop technology, it’s easy to append media to your project.



  • Set up wizard for easy startup
  • Can be utilized with graphics, video, and audio
  • Simple to make use of


  • VLMC has several glitches
  • Can be more comprehensive


The VLMC download is an extremely promising tool. It is promising because even being in the alpha version, the possibilities and results are excellent and because the makers are the same as the VLC player. Lastly, managing the media in this utility is very simple. You have the classic dual-screen user interface featured in a lot of video editors, and the timeline at its bottom. All you have to carry out is drag-n-drop the media there, and you can arrange that any manner you like, append effects, cut it into different fragments, you name it!

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