Virtual Router Manager Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you have the internet on your computer or laptop and you desire to distribute it to the other devices of yours, then the virtual router manager can assist you in doing so. It’ll make a router from the internet connection, and others can check the network and connect to it for having internet access. These days most individuals own several networks devices like the tablet, computer, and mobile phones. Sharing the internet is frequently through joining from your mobile devices; one might start to wonder if it’s possible to share your internet connection on the computer to other wireless devices like your Phones and Tablets. This tool is a free app that makes it possible to turn the computer into a hotspot router by simply sharing your internet connectivity on the computer to the other wireless devices.

Simple To Configure And Utilize :

In plain English, you can simply turn the PC into a wi-fi hotspot and share one of your networks you are really connected to, like the one with the net access. It might sound like some rocket science to a few rookies, but this amazing tool is actually extremely simple to configure, with only a few details needed to set up your wireless hotspot successfully.

Virtual Router Manager Enables You To Choose The Password & Shared Connection :

Select the username and password you desire for the network. It’ll provide you with the new wireless connection the excellent security it requires. Also, select the shared connection so that the linked peers can have internet access. This app is very good because it shows the user a list of the connected peers as well as the addresses and the hostnames of the IPs and MAC.

Virtual Router Manager

Secure Connection, Each Time:

One thing is for certain when it comes to utilizing this app. The connection will be safe each time. The application needs you to make a password that’s a minimum of 8 characters, which denotes it can never be publicly accessed. There’s also WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption, the most safe wireless encryption, for further protection. The tool can work great on any Windows 7 PC. But, if you desire to share the network utilizing the OS, you will require the Admin privileges. This app is free to download and utilize. It’s also simple to install and small. More, the application has an extremely straightforward and simple user interface. In fact, it’s a little too simple. You have extremely little control over how it is working, and you can’t tweak the settings.

The Bottom Line:

On the whole, the virtual router manager download is an awesome app if you want to set up the wireless hotspot in a matter of a few minutes, providing just minimum configuration choices and thus target all kinds of users, be they novices or experienced. It does not comprise a help manual, but the odds are that you do not even require one given the intuitive user interface it supports.

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