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If you’ve utilized PCs around the turn of a century, you’d remember that most PCs are dumb and deaf at that time. Yes, PCs don’t have sound cards because they’re luxury add-ons to the PC. Those that have in-built sound are marketed as the Multimedia PCs. Fast-forward to today; it’s unbelievable for PCs to be without sound. That being said, ViPER4Windows permits you to tweak the audio settings of the PC with the usage of advanced audio processing technology. It offers the option to utilize theme settings appropriate for the music playback or for seeing movies, among a lot of other options.

ViPER4Windows Has Simple To Use Configuration Center :

The app is an audio driver tweak program that allows you to modify the way the PC really renders the sound. The program can run continually in the background, applying the chosen configuration, but you might simply disable it from the main screen. This tool also permits you to modify numerous parameters, relying on what kind of sound you’re playing, the preferred effect, or the environment. Furthermore, the program permits the users to configure numerous kinds of drivers, according to the output device they really are utilizing. For example, you can load a diverse kind of configuration when playing music on speakers or when utilizing headphones.

Change Settings & Enable The Sound Enhancements Using ViPER4Windows :

This ViPER4Windows utility also can support loading the preset parameter configuration, but it also permits the users to make their own settings. Once you’ve made the preferred configuration, you can save these settings, so you can simply load them when you utilize the tool. Thus, you can simply change the pre-volume and post-volume; you might allow the ViPER XBass parameter, IRS Power controller, Cure Tech + or ViPER XClarity, then modify the values.


Moreover, you can also control the sound according to your room size, pre-delay, decay expectancy, density, bandwidth, or damping. Also, you might add to the wet or early mix parameters. In case you’re utilizing the surround system, you might choose the type of space you require to fill: from a small space to a big hall.

How To Install This Tool?

  • First of all, download the ViPER4Windows from the given link.
  • Choose Save or Save as for downloading the tool. Most Antiviruses such as Windows Defender will scan the tool for viruses while downloading.
  • If you choose Save, the tool is saved in the Downloads folder. Or, if you choose Save as, you can select the destination where to save it, such as the desktop.
  • After the download is finished, click the execution file for running the Installation procedure.
  • Follow the on-screen installation instructions until finished.
  • Once done, the icon of ViPER4Windows will appear on the Desktop.
  • Click on it to run the app.

The Bottom Line:

The ViPER4Windows download permits the users to configure the sound settings according to the kind of media they are playing: movie, music, or freestyle. Also, you can enable the equalizer with a real-time adjusting option, set the latency to higher or lower, or choose the setup of speakers: from mono to the 8.1 system.

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