Viber For Pc Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac (32 & 64 bit)

Viber is a well-liked free voice-over IP (VOIP) messaging service and an excellent alternative to Skype that can be utilized on the PC or smartphone. The Viber computer client takes the ease of the mobile application and brings it to the computer so you can stay connected even when you do not have a mobile device. Viber also makes it simpler to get on with multitask and work while talking to the contacts you have.

For Windows

For Mac

Viber Features :

The following are a few of the fantastic features of the Viber:

  • Receiving and sending unlimited text messages (with stickers and emoticons) and complete support for the group chat worldwide.
  • Synchronization of the chats between PC and mobile
  • Free audio calls with the HD sound quality over Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G connections
  • Support for the video calls and making of the group chat messages with up to one hundred contacts
  • Real-time notification of the new texts
  • Push notifications which permit you not to overlook any calls or messages even when the Viber is off
  • Following the public chatting and seeing the chats of popular brands, personalities, celebrities, and more conversation.

Viber For Pc

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Viber For PC :

Now let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of the Viber:


  • Text, Calls, & Pix: 

Viber allows HD video calls, voice calls, free picture and text sharing to other users of Viber and the group chats. It automatically appends contacts, which saves some effort, though a few people might prefer even more options.

  • Improved Windows Application: 

We had no problem setting up and installing Viber for pc in the Windows Home Premium 32 bit system. We entered the phone number and the SMS corroboration code for syncing the PC and phone. The entire thing took a few secs and worked the first time.Get Spotydl

  • Cross-Platform: 

Viber has Windows versions (comprising Windows 8 mobile or desktop), as well as the Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac, Bada, BlackBerry, and Nokia OSs. It can also support both Wi-Fi and3G or 4G networks.


  • Data Plan: 

Viber for Windows does not work without a mobile phone. Viber also utilizes the data plan of the phone to make some calls.


  • Contact Options: 

The Viber Windows program automatically appends all the Contacts, which is handy but a little inflexible.

Clean & Clear Interface Of Viber:

This Viber version is very Modern, very Windows 10 style. It is characterized by an extremely clean interface, on a white backdrop with some purple details. The elements and buttons are large and designed to be utilized with the touch device. The only thing we’d say is that the interface is very clean; it provides the impression of being a bit soulless, almost vacant.Get Windows ISO Downloader

The quality of the Viber call is outstanding: in our tests, the clearness was exceptional. But undeniably, the best of Viber from the person perspective is being capable of having it both on the computer and the phone. It is really handy as it denotes you can chat with a pal while you are walking home and then keep on the conversation in front of the desktop PC or laptop.


Viber has a few fascinating features and is simple to utilize, and the latest releases have made developments. With more than two hundred million users, the base of Viber has grown, too. But eventually, most people go with what their crowd utilizes, so how helpful Viber is to you might rely on what your family, friends, and acquaintances utilize.

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