Universal Theme Patcher Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Windows doesn’t allow users to introduce outsider themes. You have to fix a few framework docs for having the capacity to do so. The Universal Theme Patcher provides you with an opportunity to introduce different themes on a Win system effortlessly. The user interface is extremely intuitive and can be utilized by anybody; you can easily move through the help part for comprehending how the app really works and its features. This patcher device can launch UxTheme settings, which allow access to different outside themes. This app also objectifies the themes you desire to install and make it possible to get away the restriction that win places on downloading different themes. You’ll have the luxury to download any theme you want once you make the patch, be opened to as many accessible themes as you can get, all you have to carry out is properly patch the theme files system, and you’re good to go, you can even search the web for the accessible themes there.

Unlock 3rd-Party Themes On Your Windows System Using The Universal Theme Patcher:

Windows doesn’t permit you to install the 3rd-party themes. You need to patch a few system files for being capable of doing this. Like UxStyle Core, this application allows the users to install different themes on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The Universal Theme Patcher is a small app that can really patch the theme-specific files in your OS, which allows the user to install different 3rd-party themes. Such patcher utility can unlock the UxTheme settings, which permit access to the 3rd-party MSStyle desktop themes.

User Interface:

The Universal Theme Patcher does not offer the easiest to use user interface, but with some effort, most individuals won’t have any problem learning to utilize the app. Ignore the additional info about the checksums and other figures on your screen. The checksums offer a way for knowledgeable users to confirm the installation of the themes being applied. However, the check is frequently not essential, and the downloadable themes are secure for usage on the system. For the majority of users, simply choose the theme you desire > click on Patch for installing the theme on the system.

Universal Theme Patcher

Advantages & Disadvantages of This Patcher:


  • Makes the backup of your original files in case you have to restore the previous theme
  • Offers support for the Windows systems, up to Win 7
  • Can easily be installed on your portable device and does not have to be installed as the app


  • No support in case anything goes awry with the removal or installation of the themes
  • Does not yet support Win 8
  • The interface offers much pointless info that might confuse novices


The Universal Theme Patcher download has served all its users for good, and it would not reason any issues if you choose to take benefit from it. With just one click, a new universe will be opened for you, and you’ll like this application a lot. You can take benefit of it right away, and you’ll certainly enjoy the recently added themes.

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