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UnHackMe is an app that you can utilize for complementing the current antivirus; it can detect and get rid of the rootkits on the system. But what’s a rootkit? A rootkit is a kind of malware, similar to Trojan, whose major feature is that it can really hide all of the tracks and any proof of the activity from a user (as well as from the most conventional antivirus programs), opening up backdoors and permitting the external intruders to access the PC with the Admin privileges.

Usually, such tools are quite great at work and are extremely difficult to detect, which’s why a tool that’s completely devoted to them, like UnHackMe, can be of an awesome help. It can run utilizing a friendly and simple to use interface and allows the users to locate suspicious processes which may be working behind the back. One of the major UnHackMe differences is that instead of analyzing procedures when they’re already running, it can really scan the system at startup and lets you know of doubtful processes that are anomalously trying to run.Do Microsoft Project Download


Features Of UnHackMe App :

The following are some fantastic features of UnHackMe download:

  • Checking for junk files, made by adware, PUPs, and spyware
  • Scanning of the installed tools for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs)
  • Testing Windows shortcuts
  • Scanning of the Windows startup programs, drivers and services
  • Examining the search settings of browsers
  • Scanning for the rootkits
  • Testing the DNS settings and hosts file
  • Scanning the add-ons of the browsers
  • Testing startup files utilizing numerous antivirus tools on the virustotal.com

UnHackMe Permits You To Scan & Detect Spyware On The Computer :

The UnHackMe tool also comprises the Reanimator feature, which you can utilize for doing a complete spyware check. In addition to that, you can also back up the system files for recovering them rapidly in case of the virus attack. Furthermore, it features a built-in restore manager that can assist you in recovering the Windows to its previous condition. The UnHackMe app allows you to optionally activate the scheduled scans, real-time protection, as well as make the exclusion list. Also, every time the Windows reboots, the app can check for the existing rootkits.Download Recboot

UnHackMe Has An Intuitive A& Simple To Navigate Graphical User Interface :

The interface of UnHackMe is tab-based and user-friendly, so simple access to features and options isn’t a problem. For scanning the PC for Trojans, you simply need to push the Check Me Now! Button. A new window appears, permitting you to do a malware scan or for cleaning, protecting, and backing up files on the PC. If you choose to scan your PC for malware, UnHackMe provides you four options to pick from: you can scan the Windows startup items, send the report, reveal infected/hidden files, or do an online multi-antivirus scan. After scanning the startup objects, you can choose what to carry out with all of the identified issues: delete a file, need extra assistance, or rate it as false positive.


The UnHackMe tool is the ideal app for individuals who do not feel comfortable troubleshooting infected PCs or simply do not have much time to do so. And even if you think you can handle the problem yourself, the guided malware deletion procedure will almost certainly fulfill the requirements.

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