Torch Browser Download Free For Windows 10, 7, 8

The torch browser is unique and free software that provides you with powerful browsing together with the incorporated media sharing and downloading features. This browser for Windows is based on the platform of Chromium technology, providing it the quick browsing abilities. With Torch, you can really share the websites you like, download different torrents, speed up your downloads, and grab different online media, all directly from the browser. All you require is a simple click away with it, so you do not need to utilize or download additional tools and programs. This browser has a user-friendly interface, is simple to install, and safe to utilize.

Torch Browser Features :

The following are the incredible features of torch browser download:

  • Simple Sharing:

Being social is simple, with the share button of the torch browser. Share the videos, sites, search results, and songs with your buddies on Facebook and Twitter followers. It also comprises a built-in button for simply sharing on the social networks the sites you like and the blogs you find appealing.Baidu Browser‘s functions are same like torch browser

  • Media Grabber:

Save music and videos with a click with the embedded media grabber. It allows the users not just to find songs and videos, but also simply save web media from virtually any website they visit. The media grabber of the torch browser is integrated into the browser and can really support a wide range of file types, so once you locate a song or a web video you desire to save, you can simply grab and save it without requiring using external programs, extensions or converters. Saving web media onto the PC becomes easy with this browser.Get Puffin Browser

  • Secure Browsing:

Fantastic security features make sure that the media and browsing activities are secure. The security features of the torch browser make sure that the media and web browsing activities are secure and safe from malware, viruses, malicious sites, and phishing.

Torch Browser

  • Download Accelerator:

Fire-up the media downloads with an incorporated download accelerator. Accelerate the download rate of the files with a fantastic download accelerator that’s incorporated into the torch browser. This browser’s accelerator downloads the data at the optimal speed and can really work directly from the browser, so you do not need to download any external programs.

Advantages & Disadvantages :

Check these pros and cons:


  • Media, Torrents, And Much More: 

Clicking a Torrents button on the toolbar opened a simple-to-utilize downloader. The Media Grabber key became active on the pages with content that can be downloaded.

  • Chromium Plus: 

This browser comes with Google’s reliable, speedy, and customizable Chromium engine.

  • Single-Click Downloads: 

The torch browser can also grab the YouTube videos and other content with a simple click, no more copy URL, right-click, paste URL, open downloader, and so on.


  • Typos: 

Mistakes occur, but misspelling the name on the front door does not inspire confidence.

  • Undesired Extras: 

Torch installed numerous toolbar and extensions extras such as Games, Torch Music, and Shopping that you would not necessarily desire. The Ask toolbar is mandatory throughout the installation, though you can get rid of it later.

  • Stability Problems: 

The torch browser took numerous attempts to install. After setup, opening the Music and Torrent tools crashed your browser numerous times.


When it comes to personalizing your browsers, it is suggested to do-it-yourself over the all-in-one approach of the torch browser. Heavy media downloaders and torrents that do not have strong opinions about the browser extras ought to check out Torch, though.

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