Toolwiz Care Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

When you install your Windows on your computer, the system excellently works, but in time you’ll install and uninstall diverse tools. These can allow the unutilized files, comprising in Win Registry, so it can slow down your computer since they’re present but no longer utilized. The tool will remove files from the Recycle Bin, empty folders, invalid shortcuts, and more. We all require a helper for optimizing our PCs, and that is exactly what the Toolwiz Care is all about.

This program offers users with different optimization programs that permit users to remove irrelevant data, fix the registry entry, and have a faster PC. The user interface is very intuitive, and it provides quick access to the main options, like the system scan and more. The utility will keep a watchful eye on the usage and storage speed, RAM consumption, CPU temperature, and more. Once the program runs the scan, you will be capable of allowing the tool to resolve every problem it has found. If your computer doesn’t have the same performance as before, simply initiate the scan with using this application.

Features Of The Toolwiz Care:

  • The Registry Cleaner app will make your computer system more stable by simply clearing out different bad Registry entries.
  • The disk cleaner app will clean out all the junk files.
  • The History Cleaner can protect the privacy of users by removing all the surfing traces and activity history.
  • The Registry Defragger can rebuild the computer’s Registry, making the whole system run smoother and quicker.
  • The Checkup module offers a complete report of the user’s computer system and permits you to resolve all issues with one click.
  • The Fast Defrger will defragment your hard drive with the smart engine, keep your computer running efficiently and avert the formation of different fragmented files.
  • The Startup Optimizer permits you to delay or disable the loading of the startup entries. It also offers you suggestions for the standard processes.
  • The Boot Report offers a simple to read the report that displays the start-up time of your system. It provides a thorough list of the procedures loaded since booting.
  • The Game Booster focuses on each system resource for gaming reasons. It shuts the background processes and other needless Win services temporarily. It can also clear out your RAM and intensifies the processor performance.

Toolwiz Care

Performs Different Optimization Which Boosts The System Speed:

This application is a set of free-of-charge apps created for speeding up the computer and providing the system a complete range of care. With the multi-functional optimization, it offers a collection of apps that comprises the System Clean-up, System Check-up, System Fix-up, System Speed-up, System Startup Optimizer, System Back-up, System Virtualization and other fifty-plus powerful built-in tools for enhancing the computer security, performance, and for optimizing computer system boot-up. It guarantees you that the tools will stay free. Toolwiz Care is created for all levels of computer users, from novices to professionals.


The Toolwiz Care download is astonishingly light on your system resources, has an outstanding response time, and finishes the scanning and fixing works fast. No error dialogs were displayed in the tests, and it didn’t crash it hang. Although it is rough around the edges (for example, the registry cleaner did not resolve all problems in the tests, although the app labeled jobs as triumphant), you will find this tool practical and resourceful.

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