Tinyumbrella Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

As we can comprehend from the name itself, the TinyUmbrella is a little umbrella, which is utilized for protecting the older devices’ version. It is a free and simply understandable program utilized for iDevices like iPods, and iPhones, etc. but recently, it’s accessible for windows too. The TinyUmbrella app is the tool which is utilized for a variety of purposes such as downloading and saving the blob SHSH file, it also assists in turning the downloaded SHSH file into the IPSW one, it also helps in fixing the recovery and is utilized for much more things, but the reason which is contemplated more is downgrading your device.

TinyUmbrella Features:

Have a glance at the following features of the TinyUmbrella download:

  • The graphical user interface structure of TinyUmbrella is one of the quickest and simplest to comprehend.
  • This app is accessible to download at no additional cost.
  • The primary purpose of the tool is to restore and save all the blobs SHSH data and also assists individuals in downgrading their iPhone version.
  • TinyUmbrella also can support all of your devices. You’ll be capable of connecting and removing quickly.
  • The Windows 8 version x64 can detect each blob, and it’d make rapidly for you to download & restore.

Reasons To Utilize The TinyUmbrella:

Do you acquaint one of the great things about the TinyUmbrella download? The great thing is, you can download it for free. It denotes you don’t have to spend any money or buy any subscription for downloading or utilizing TinyUmbrella. There’re also no hidden costs for utilizing this app. At times, your iPhones are in recovery mode, and the majority of the time, it stops working. In such a case, this tool can assist in the solution.Download Wondershare Filmora


TinyUmbrella is one of the best app and lifesaver for the users of iPhones who’ve jailbroken the devices. You can rapidly revert to the non-jailbreak iPhone version utilizing the TinyUmbrella app. You’ll not lose any iPad or iPhone data as long as you’re utilizing the newest firmware version of this tool. You’ll be capable of saving all the files of the iPhone, and everything utilizing the program. The other great thing about this utility is they also offer support for all the platforms comprising Mac, Android, and Windows.Do Wordbiz Download

Steps For Download This Program For Windows:

  • First of all, click Start.
  • Click Run.
  • Then, enter MSC in the box > hit enter.
  • Search the app which is actually running on the port 80.
  • Stop that app.
  • Now, download TinyUmbrella for windows.
  • Accept its every permission and install utilizing the same way we do with the other tools.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, you have to follow a few more steps:

  • Now, disable IIS.
  • Make certain Apache isn’t working.
  • Then, disable Skype when the TinyUmbrella app is running.
  • Custom devices can also be appended utilizing the ECID manually.

Do you acquaint the great thing of this tool? It automatically resolves any issues of the smartphone whenever it appears. It just occurs if you utilize this program on the computer.


All things considered, TinyUmbrella is the best solution for restoring the iOS device to the prior firmware that worked great for you. It can support the newest iOS versions and updates are rolled out very frequently, which denotes that this app can lend you a hand even for the latest devices.

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