The PrintKey App Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Often we have to make several captures of the desktop or of diverse areas. That is why we require a simple to utilize the program. For one cause, you might desire not just to print docs but also to take the screenshot of the screen. The PrintKey tool is on the toolkit, which assists you in taking a snapshot of what occurs on the desktop. Also, you have the option to have the rectangular capture in which you can move the cursor to places which you want to capture. The output file of that capture can be in any picture file format according to the default tool on the system. The download is easy and simple. The toolkit is intuitive and simple even for the beginner who has zero knowledge in handling the capture.

All the tests run were efficient with zero problems. It’s a lightweight, and a freeware utility which takes up a small disk space hence doesn’t compromise the working of the PC. The number of downloads since the inception of it is a clear sign of its efficiency in the service provision. Once installed, you also have the choice to pin it on the desktop such that you access it with a simple click. It’s an excellent tool perfect for all the users who need a desktop app for enhancing their usability.

Astonishingly Comprehensive Feature Set Of The PrintKey App:

Albeit it can be contemplated ancient at that point, the PrintKey app provides the majority of the features you’d expect to locate in the modern screen capture program. It allows the users to capture the whole desktop, a particular area of the single object, and it provides support for the global hotkeys. The utility comes with the basic editor. You can append different visual effects and change its color balance, and also resize the image. For more complex functions, you can launch it with the chosen image editor.

Somewhat Outdated UI:

It ought to come as no surprise that the graphical user interface of the PrintKey looks noticeably outdated. If you are feeling nostalgic enough to make use of it, however, it ought to not be a huge problem.

The PrintKey App

Lacks A Few Helpful Features And Focuses On The Image Printing:

You can tell how old the PrintKey tool is by the number of the included printing-related features. You can simply customize your print output directly from the main user interface, as well as configure the program for printing the screenshots directly. However, it’s worth noting that the app can’t export images to PNG, the format that’s become extremely well-liked over the years. Also, you can’t insert the watermarks when saving the screenshots.


All in all, the PrintKey download is an astonishingly capable screenshot capture application from the pre-Win XP era. It still seems to work well under the newest operating system versions, though a few users have stated some occasional crashes on the Win 10 system.

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