SuperPuTTY Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

When you tell PuTTY, it’s equal with the SSH connections. It’s a reliable and basic tool for connecting to the Linux servers and work in the command line. The SuperPuTTY app is an improvement on the PuTTY tool. Besides the SSH and Telnet Client support, it also features the support of other kinds of broadly accepted protocols comprising the SSH, Telnet, SSH2, and more. That offers it a one-stop benefit for all the networking purposes. It’s a PuTTy fork, so this utility is needed too. It can also be utilized in conjunction with Gns3. Another well-liked option is KiTTY.

Features Of The SuperPuTTY Tool:

  • Import/export session configuration
  • Docking UI permits personalized workspace and managing several PuTTY sessions simply
  • Layouts permit for customizing the session views
  • Upload different files securely utilizing the sftp or scp protocols
  • It features RLogin, SSH, Telnet, and RAW protocols support
  • Can also support the PuTTY session configurations comprising the Private Keys
  • Supports KiTTY
  • Supports the local shell through puttycyg or MinTTY

License & Requirements For Running This Program:

The SuperPuTTY is a GUI-based app and is licensed under the license of MIT for software, recognized as the X11 license. With such a license, the tool is both accessible for non-commercial and commercial operations. It can run on all Win OSs that can support the .Net Framework 3.5 or a newer one. As to the needs, below are a few of the basic prerequisites for running the utility.


  • Windows Operating System: Win Vista, Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, and/or Win 10
  • Supports both x32 and x64 OSs
  • The PuTTY SSH Client
  • The MS .NET Framework 3.5 or latest x32 and x64 OSs are supported

Installing This Tool:

Installing this application is extremely easy, as it has an installer. It’s packaged as the zip file, so you need to simply unzip the downloaded file to where you desire to save it on your local disk. Although, it’s suggested that the app is unzipped to the directory that keeps the version number of the tool as it follows a version semantic numbering system. Based on its version you have downloaded, the extracted files can look as below:-

  • exe
  • txt
  • exe.config
  • txt
  • dll
  • WinFormsUI.Docking.dll
  • pdb
  • txt
  • themes

Aside from the tab GUI interface, there’s a lot of other features that this SuperPuTTY package has as it can easily support RLogin, SSH, RAW, and Telnet protocols. Other features comprise import/export session configuration and tab customizations.

Multiple Sessions & Tabs:

If you work on a different server, it’s a great benefit. It can easily manage numerous sessions on one single UI, and you can switch between them utilizing different tabs. The advantages that come with installing it are just impressive. The functionality that permits for export/import of sessions and even storing the layouts for later action is a great add-on. The hosts and protocols that have been utilized in the diverse sessions can be switched from one to another by a simple click of your mouse. Better still, the GUI user interface allows you to link the PC to other remote PCs while monitoring and controlling all of them from a single point by simply clicking the mouse.


All in all, we can say that the SuperPuTTY download is a powerful solution for the Telnet and SSH client management, coming as a smart improvement to PuTTY, supporting different well-liked protocols and interface customization for making it suit the style of yours.

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