Supercopier Download Free For Windows 10, 7, Xp, 8

When you copy many files, the default actions of Windows don’t present too many options like control the speed or resume. If you have ever faced a problem in handling files in the PC, particularly the batch processing of files, then the Supercopier tool is the best for you. It is a program that helps in making sure that you can always handle all kinds of file management. The Supercopier download link is given here.

32 Bit

64 Bit

Supercopier File Transfer Options :

The Supercopier application asks users to identify the target destination and source directory for the file transfer process. Plus, it utilizes the least panel for assisting you in skipping or resuming the recent transfer.Do Ultrasurf Download

Unobtrusive Running Mode:

You can locate the Supercopier program located in the system tray area and access its features by right-clicking on the system tray icon of the program. You might go for transferring, copying, or moving files and configuring numerous dedicated parameters.Do Directx 9 Download

Advanced Features Of Supercopier :

The pros might press on more key for uncovering additional features to play with. The Supercopier displays a list with the things that you mean to move or copy and allows you to see details about them (size and destination and source directories). Also, you are permitted to append new folders and files to your current task utilizing the drag & drop support, perform searches, delete stuff from the list, and export your transfer list to LST file format so you can bring it in your upcoming projects.

Supercopier Download


The Supercopier shows an error console which gives info about the unsuccessful tasks and allows you to make the main window stay on top of the others, limit the speed if copying to a user-defined value, show the progress bar and copy speed, as well as display the copying progress in the title bar.

Alter The Copy Mode And Confirm Checksums:

When it comes to changing the copy mode, you can make your program move the file rights, move the whole folder and preserve the file date. Plus, if it bumps into folder and file collisions or errors, there’re numerous options that you can count on, such as prompting the user, placing or skipping file at the end of the line.

Last of all, the Supercopier is capable of verifying the checksums and assists you to change the transition performance in terms of the algorithm (parallel or sequential) and block size, check the space of disk and utilize a custom folder if the location is not set, as well as make inclusion and exclusion lists. The full version Supercopier download link for 32 bit and x64 windows system is given here.

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