StarOffice Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Probably you acquaint the Microsoft Office suite (package), but there’re compatible and similar tools like it. If you’re really searching for an extremely good alternative for the MS Office app, then we think that you may have to get the hands-on this fantastic app that more programs for the productivity you want and need. The StarOffice tool comes with modules such as Calc, Writer, Base, Impress, Schedule, Draw, and Mail, similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and so on.

It’s a free productivity app that allows the users to make the most of it by having in it a database, a word processor, schedule management, spreadsheet, email, and group discussion feature. All such programs are combined together into this app to provide you with all the productivity you need and desire. It is created in such a manner that it can simply be plugged into the MS Office suite (package), and it has the support for more than one lingo, eleven languages that are to say.


StarOffice Tools Available:

The StarOffice app, the paid version of the well-liked OpenOffice package, is a pack of office tools that try to vie with the MS Office providing varied and versatile programs among which the users will locate:

  • Calc: It is a spreadsheet with which the users can easily calculate, analyze, and share different data.
  • Writer: It is a text editor that’ll permit the users to make from small reminder notes to full diagrams.
  • Draw: It is a program for the making of the vectorial drawings with which the users can easily make practically anything, from the flow charts to a room’s design.
  • Impress: This one is extremely simple to utilize the app for creating and showing your impressive presentations.
  • Base: It is a tool that will permit users to make databases freely.

One of the fantastic features of OpenOffice is certainly the features that can be appended to it by extensions means, a lot of which are accessible on the site for this tool.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Tool:

You will get to experience the following pros and cons of this StarOffice application:


  • It comes with all the standard programs the users would expect in the office suite
  • Completely compatible with the Microsoft Office
  • This tool also comes with a lot of wizards and templates
  • Native support for the export to the PDF file format


  • None so far


The StarOffice Draw tool can be contemplated as the equal to the Win Paint facility, but comprising all the benefits provided by the StarOffice download in all the parts: HTML compatible, and export/import facilities, etc. This utility is the basic complement for making the web pages, working with the other tools. The full suite can really adapt itself to the desktop theme of the user for appearing as the native app. If you are searching for the Office suite that’s halfway between MS Office and OpenOffice, you ought to try out this one.

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