SSTap Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Whenever you’re connected to your internet, the PC broadcasts lots of info that can identify the location, the PC, and other particular info like your OS on the PC, the version of the browser the users are utilizing, and a lot more. For increasing the privacy of the PC, you can make use of a 3rd-party app for cloaking the connection. The SSTap is one of such tools that can assist you in improving the privacy on your internet by simply hiding the IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Installation Of The SSTap App:

The installation procedure for the SSTap tool is seamless; it doesn’t need any input from the users of PCs. The configuration process for this utility is quite easy; an average PC user can also configure the intuitive user interface without any extensive knowledge. The next step after the installation of the tool is to carry out a couple of configurations like selecting the kind of proxy and specifying the proxy server for you. The kind of proxy server can be HTTP or SOCKS.


Furthermore, the user can also easily specify several proxy servers for the tool. The SSTap tool also offers the user several servers that the user can choose from a list. The utility provides the users with the option to make use of the global IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and can also skip the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from China. This app does an outstanding job of hiding the IP (Internet Protocol) address when you’re online. It’s great for better privacy.

Choose The Connection Mode & Manage The Additional Options Of Route:

You can add various servers to the list, and you choose one of the interests of yours from the drop-down menu in its main window. The connection mode can either be set to global-wide or skipping all China Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. A few general settings can also be managed using a dedicated window. You can select the local connection mode, preselected DNS, TAP interface, as well as alternate and preferred DNS addresses.

The additional route management allows the users to configure the custom IP addresses with action to proxify or direct. The connection can also be tested out easily before activating. When not utilized for the management, you can set the SSTap tool window to your tray area. It does not run with the Windows system by default, but you can bypass it by simply appending a shortcut in your Startup folder.

The Bottom Line:

The SSTap download is accredited as the freeware tool for the laptop or PC with Windows x32 and x64 OSs. It’s in the anonymous proxy category and is freely accessible to all users. Taking everything into account, we can utter that this app is a reliable tool you can utilize for securing the connections over the internet. The various proxy connections can be configured and stored, with support for diverse protocols, making it so worth the while overall.

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