Sony PC Companion Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Sony companion download permits the users of Sony Xperia to backing up their data, handling all the updates, among other features from the PCs. With the app installed on the system, you can do all the functions without utilizing the phone. The connection to your PC is either using the wireless connection or a USB port. The major function is to allow the tablet or phone to work on the updated OS. Take note, when utilizing the app, your phone has to be on throughout the procedure for preventing the system shutdown.

Features :

  • Diverse modules for comfortably handling your device
  • Update your firmware
  • Synchronize the contents between your computer and the telephone: multimedia content, organizer, and applications
  • Three types of connections between your computer and your telephone: Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth

Installing and utilizing this app is simple, as it offers clear and simple instructions. Once you have successfully installed this tool, connect the phone to your PC using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. The utility will then start by simply checking for any firmware updates. Its dashboard provides you with simple access to the apps you desire to utilize. You can make use of the program not just to back up your phone data; you also select onto a PC but also upload that data to Google.

Movement Of Files To & From Your Device To Your PC :

This app can also support the transfer of data from your phone to your PC. The function allows you to have a complete view of the data for additional editing functions such as delete, copy, paste, zoom in, and zoom out among the other functions.Do DriversCloud Download

Sony PC Companion

Data Backup & Restoration :

The tool sends data to your PC for safe storage. Furthermore, it frees the Sony Xperia device for accommodating more data, which further improves its functionality. The instant you backup data on the phone, you can run the restoration process with no terror of losing your data. In general, you can improve the usage of your tablet or phone straight on the PC.Do Directx 10 Download

System Requirements :

The system requirements for running this app are 5 GB of free disk space, 3.6 GHz processor or better, 2 GB of RAM or more, cable and USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, Windows OS, and internet broadband connection. All editions from Windows XP Service Pack 3 up to Windows 8.1 are supported (x32 as well as x64 versions). This tool is freely available. If you own a Sony device, you can utilize the Windows computer and this app for managing the device.

Advantages & Disadvantages :

With this utility, you can get the newest software for the Sony device, transfer content, manage media files, and more.

Advantages :

A modern computer will simply meet this app’s system requirements. There’s nothing complicated about installing it on your Windows computer. The interface is also very simple to figure out. This program provides extremely helpful functionality.

Disadvantages :


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