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To all the songs lovers, we can boldly say that songs have become an essential part of our daily lives and we express it with diverse gadgets and even through the net, a few of us are so keen that we even dedicate a data volume for downloading and listening to songs over the net because that’s what we like the most but have ever thought about any change in the manner we listen to songs? A change from simply running off to the Grooveshark for seeing a music video or to acquire a peer to peer downloader for listening to the songs and a lot of other ways we utilize in getting music, the Songr app is has come to modify all of this.

The Songr app is an extremely helpful one in that it assists the users in getting the songs together in one place and assists the users in achieving more listening to songs. If you’ve heard some music before but can’t download it because you don’t acquaint the artist who sang it or the title, you can still get it in an extremely simple way, simply enter a part of the lyrics you know and the tool will fetch out all the details of that song. Nothing ought to end your love for the songs.

Features Of The Songr Application:

The Songr app can easily aggregate the result from sixteen mp3 search engines. It also provides a full album search. Download the HD/HQ YouTube videos and optionally extract your audio file as mp3 with it. Double-clicking the MP3 file will open it directly in WMP. It also tries to show high-quality MP3s on the top of the result. It makes it possible to find out the name of the song by simply entering a few words in the Search bar and listen to the preview of that song. It can also convert links that point to the web page in place of the mp3 file.


Spell checker and automatic mode are also available. Automatic updates check is also available to having even more search engine connectors, links to purchase the music files from Rhapsody and Amazon. This tool is freeware, without restrictions or advertisements. The languages available are Español, English, Português, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Dansk, Norsk, Türkçe, Nederlands, Chinese (Traditional), Magyar, Româna, Latviešu, Català, Indonesia, Polski, Hebrew, Svenska, Euskera, and Nederlands.


  • Songr makes searching for older and newer songs simpler
  • Downloads music rapidly after you carry out a search
  • Allows the users to search by the song title, artist name, or even lyrics
  • Searches several websites simultaneously
  • Download files directly from YouTube


  • Removes partial files when you pause or stop the downloads
  • Might not find all the songs you desire to find
  • Will frequently show the songs that you have to buy to hear

The Bottom Line:

All things considered, this Songr download is great for anybody that requires a cloud music player. The Search by lyrics function is a very nice touch, which can assist a lot in digging out partly forgotten melodies.

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