Sixaxis Pair Tool Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Sixaxis pair tool is a Windows app for making a connection between the PS3, DS, or Sixaxis controller and the tablet or mobile phone running Android. The tool acts as the intermediary, which then can make it possible to play mobile games with the Playstation 3 controller. If your device is rooted, you’ll also probably desire the application called Sixaxis Controller. If you desire to utilize a DS or Sixaxis controller on your mobile device, then this intermediary tool can assist you. The handset has to be rooted, and it might not function properly on a few Samsung or HTC phones.

Features :

  • Compatibility And Licensed:

The first thing you need to acquaint about the program is its compatibility and licensing. It is certainly licensed as a freeware tool to work on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It denotes that you’ll not face any restrictions emerge when you’re making use of this program or app. Created as freeware, this tool is accessible to all types of users free of charge. It denotes that you can simply download this freeware tool without disbursing anything since it’s free for all software users.

  • Simple Installation:

The next feature you need to check out is the simple installation. Do not be anxious too much if you do not acquaint more about this app. It’s simple installation feature will really allow you to install the application simply without a significant issue. When you’re launching this tool and locate an error message saying something like missing needed protocol, it denotes that the mobile devices aren’t compatible.

Sixaxis Pair Tool

  • Support Android Devices:

This program is contemplated having support for Android devices. Now, if you’ve Android device and desire to play a game by transmitting the games either from the computer to the mobile phone or from the mobile phone to the computer, you simply require pairing the Android with the computer utilizing this program. However, you have to make certain that the act of pairing a PC on the mobile phone is secure.

  • Manual & Automatic Way:

There’re typically two ways of connecting and pairing the Sixaxis controller. If you cannot automatically connect, you can carry out so manually. The pairing needs provides you with a simple option.

  • Less Time Consuming:

It is another fantastic feature of this fantastic Sixaxis pair tool download that you have to know. Running the installer, you require just a few minutes. It denotes that you require only just a short time for installing the app. Thus, installing the application will not trouble you when you’re doing so while you’re performing other things, as well.

How Can You Make Use Of This Tool ?

The use of this program is extremely simple. For connecting your Sixaxis, DS 3, and 4, Navigation controllers, you need first to pair them using Bluetooth to the device you want to utilize with. This procedure requires a mini-USB connection. It can simply scan your system and set up the connection parameters automatically.

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