Sidesync Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you are a user of Samsung mobile phone for a few months, then we’re pretty sure you ought to have heard about the SideSync tool of Samsung. As you own a Samsung device with the newest version of this program installed, you might download & install a Windows client. As soon as you have opened both applications, you’ll find there’re two methods by which you can connect the Samsung Galaxy to the PC using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. You need to be certain that your computer and the mobile device are utilizing the same wi-fi connection. You can pair your computer and your mobile with either a 3-digit PIN or a QR code that you have to enter in your desktop app, and it’s possible to enjoy whatever you are glancing at on the mobile directly on the PC monitor.

SideSync Features:

Check out these fantastic features:

  • Convenient And Smart Connection:

Install the SideSync tool onto your mobile device and the computer, and then connect both devices using Wi-Fi or USB data cable. Simply connecting your mobile and computer, you can conveniently make use of different features of this app. For a MAC or PC, click the download button given to install.Do Ifunbox Download

  • Send Text Messages & Make Phone Calls:

If the computer and mobile are connected with SideSync, you can check your alarms for getting phone calls and directly connect to your application on the computer. Through the pop-up, you can simply get phone calls or simply exchange text messages.


  • Share Files Between The Mobile Device & Computer:

The SideSync app allows the users to quickly share texts and files between the computer and mobile simply with drag and drop. You can insert pictures from the mobile to Word docs on the computer. Also, you can also insert the file on the computer to the mobile while you’re sending email or text messages.Get Textpad

Simply Synchronize Data Between A Samsung Tablet Or Phone & Or Computer Using SideSync:

Utilizing the SideSync program, you can easily share your data and screen between the computer and mobile. Get alarms of the phone through a computer and utilize different features of the phone on your PC. Install this software onto a computer and mobile, and then connect both devices using Wi-Fi or USB cable. Simply connecting the mobile and computer, you can easily utilize different features of the application. Download the tool for a MAC or PC by simply clicking on the download button given. This tool can easily can different transfer files between PC and phone, synchronize text chat, phone data, and send SMS messages.


It is the type of software that somebody who’s frequently on the go would think as invaluable. Experts who do not desire to lug around loads of equipment, students who wish the liberty to exchange data more sinuously, and the ones who just desire to keep better track of the devices will get lots of good usage from it. The SideSync download is very reliable and free and takes ease to a complete new level.

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