Samsung USB Driver Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Samsung USB driver permits you to connect the Samsung Tablets and Samsung USB driver to your Windows PC without the requirement of installing the Samsung Kies app. It also permits you to the Samsung Flash Stock Firmware on the Samsung device utilizing the original drivers. Here on this page, we’ve managed to share the official USB Driver for all the Samsung devices you have.

What’s A Samsung USB Driver?

A USB Driver is a program or tool that you can simply install on your PC, just like the other programs. But it literally creates a bridge or communication between device hardware and PC hardware for making your device work correctly. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) driver makes it possible to connect your device and sync all your data between Laptop or PC and phone. Therefore, you can simply transfer your data, such as videos, images, docs, and other media files, etc. Most significantly, you can install or flash the custom files like the custom recovery image, and firmware, etc. Also, you can carry out the Fastboot and ADB commands on the device by utilizing the command prompt on your PC.

How Can You Install The USB Driver On Windows System?

Follow these directions cautiously for installing USB Drivers Samsung on the Windows computer:

  • First of all, go for the Samsung USB driver download from the given link. Make certain you’ve downloaded the newest version of the driver. We don’t suggest the older versions of this USB Driver unless you face some kind of problem with the newest version
  • Then, simply use any file extractor tool and extract your downloaded file to any folder on the computer, and you’ll get the file in the standard Windows exe format.
  • Now, double-click on the .exe file for opening the USB Drivers installation wizard. If you’re making use of the newest Windows versions, you may be asked if you desire to start the installation wizard. You can just permit the same. Once the installer appears on your screen, simply click on the Next button.
  • In the opened screen, choose country and Language > click Next.
  • Choose the location where you desire your drivers to rally be installed; the default specified location is fine enough. Do not change it unless you have an actually good cause to. If you’re uncertain where the drivers ought to be installed, just leave the default values as they are; don’t try to change anything > click on next.
  • The USB Driver installation will now start, and it’ll be just a matter of a few minutes.

Samsung USB Driver

Wait for the installation procedure to finish; once it is done, simply exit the wizard. Now you’ve the newest USB Driver of Samsung installed on the device. After the installation completes, connect the Samsung Galaxy device to the computer and check if it really works as anticipated. If it doesn’t work, we strongly suggest rebooting the PC once, just after the installation of the USB driver finishes.

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