Recboot Download Free For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

RecBoot is a simple tool that can start the recovery mode on your iPhone. This mode is found deep within the iOS devices. It offers access to the core of the OS and can be utilized to resolve several issues linked with the software. It is not uncommon for people to face problems after a firmware update. This mode can make it possible to restore your device to the usable condition. However, accessing this mode is no simple task. It typically needs a unique combo of button presses for activating. The RecBoot can bypass this procedure and activates the mode with a single click of the button. The streamlined program has two main buttons. One is utilized for entering the recovery mode while the other is utilized for exiting.

Basic Features Of RecBoot :

The RecBoot download is one of the easiest methods of accessing the recovery mode of the iPhone. The basic features of this tool include:

  • Firmware downloads utilizing the device model, name, and version of the presently accessible firmware
  • If the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch has fallen into the boot loop, this tool can really bring the device out of that loop
  • The common iTunes 1015 issue can be resolved utilizing the RecBoot tool

Why Can You Really Utilize The RecBoot Tool ?

In ordinary cases, even the iTunes process of entering the recovery mode is simple enough. In case of the hardware effect like the wake/sleep button or home button break down, it can become hard to access the recovery mode utilizing the iTunes. In these cases, the one-click fix by RecBoot is actually a savior. Only connecting your device to a PC is just the hardware level task the person would need to do. If the battery is not disconnected or dead off your iPhone, then the RecBoot tool won’t fail except some other main fault inside your iPhone.


How Can You Download & Use The RecBoot Tool ?

  • First of all, download the RecBoot program form the link provided here.
  • Now, run the RecBoot tool > connect the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to the PC.
  • Once the iOS device is connected, you will find two buttons on the window of the RecBoot program.
  • The button on your left is for entering the recovery mode, and the right button is for exiting the recovery mode.
  • After you make certain the device is connected correctly, click the preferred button for entering a command to the iPhone from the PC.

That is it, you’ve learned how you can download RecBoot successfully and make use of it correctly for entering or exiting the recovery mode.

What Can This Tool Really Do?

Now that you acquaint how to download the RecBoot software for free, it’s time for learning a little more about the new friend. The recovery mode was devised by Apple to rectify any OS-related issues. It denotes that if you face any issues during operating system updates, this mode will be capable of resetting the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch without doing much. For putting the iOS device in this mode, you’ll have to press a combo of buttons (Home & Power) for ten seconds.

But what if such keys are broken because of all the wear and tear? That’s where the RecBoot app comes into view. While the recovery mode is a great guy in the Apple world, it can, at times, turn bad. But that’s not its mistake. A buggy firmware can reason the device to be stuck in the recovery mode loop. If you have this amazing tool, you can simply get it out from that mode with a simple click!

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