Realtek PCIE Card Reader Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

These days there’re a lot of different ways available for recording information. A few of them comprise a USB flash stick and card readers. A card reader is frequently utilized for transferring photographs from a cam but isn’t limited to that. Every hardware comprising the card readers will require the right program to be installed for being recognized by PC. The Realtek PCIE Card Reader is a program that assists in permitting the users to update the drivers of their card reader. With this utility, the users can always have access to all the necessary drivers, particularly the ones that are perfect for handling the options of the card reader.

It’s a program that has an incorporated antivirus for preventing access to any online threats. With this tool, you’ve an option of selecting the right OS installed on the PC. All of them have separate directions that assist you in managing any of the operating systems. The user interface is straightforward, with no compound icons. Everything is simple, and the users can access it with a simple click of a button.

Important Notes To Keep In Mind Before Your Start The Installation Of Realtek PCIE Card Reader:

  • To make sure that no other tool interferes with its installation, save all of your important work and close all other utilities running in the background. The Taskbar ought to be clear of the apps before proceeding.
  • Throughout the installation of the Realtek PCIE Card Reader file, ensure that you’re logged in as an Admin or as the user with the privileges of an Admin.
  • It’s suggested that you print out these directions for use as a reference throughout the installation procedure.

Realtek PCIE Card Reader

Download & Installation Instructions:

Please follow these steps for downloading and installing the program successfully:

Step#1: To make sure that no other application interferes with this program’s installation, save all of your important work and close all other apps. The Taskbar of your system ought to be clear of the tools before proceeding.

Step#2: Download the EP0000551475.exe file to the download or temporary directory (please note such a directory for your reference).

Step#3: Now, navigate to the directory where you have saved the downloaded file and double-click on it to start the installation process.

Step#4: At the UAC screen, simply hit Yes.

Step#5: If the Select Language screen emerges, then simply choose the language you want to make use of > hit OK.

Step#6: At the Select Country window, choose the country for its installation > hit Next.

Step#7: At the License Agreement window, read its agreement > hit I Agree if you really do for continuing the installation process.

Step#8: At the Finish window, simply click Finish.

Step#9: Now, at the This system has to be restarted for completing the installation window, simply hit OK for rebooting your PC.

After the PC reboots, the installation of the driver is complete. You should try to set the system restore point before going for the Realtek PCIE Card Reader download and installation. It’ll assist you if you’ve installed a mismatched or incorrect driver. Issues can occur when the hardware device is not supported any longer or very old.

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