Ratiomaster Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

RatioMaster is a small tool that allows you to improve the ratio when downloading different files using the torrent clients. You can take this utility with you everywhere you desire by storing it on a USB drive. It won`t affect the registries at all, which denotes that it’s possible to utilize this program right away. It’s an ordered interface, and it might seem a little cluttered sometimes, but as you utilize it, you see that it’s easy to comprehend it. This application can be utilized with a proxy server, and if you ever locate yourself questioning the customized configuration, then it has a Set default values option for you to utilize.Do Immunity Debugger Download

RatioMaster Features :

  • Operating system support: Solaris, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and UNIX
  • Can support several torrents running in one instance
  • Support for the tabs sessions (save actual sessions and load them later)
  • Directly load the torrent information from the torrent file
  • User-friendly, very good graphical user interface. Drag & drop support for the files
  • Great protection against the anti-cheat scripts
  • Pick upload/download speed
  • Parses all info from all running Azureus, uTorrent, ABC and BitComet instances
  • Can accept tracker response interval
  • Can pick the random values for upload/download speeds at the tracker update
  • Great error safeguard
  • Shows tracker update intervals, downloaded, uploaded, and more information all in real-time
  • The program will notify you of newer available versions
  • It can support different kinds of proxies. (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and SOCKS4a)
  • Works in almost all the BitTorrent trackers

The Advantage Of A Portable Application :

You aren’t needed to get through the installation procedure, as this tool is completely portable. As a result, you can simply take it anywhere by just moving the program files to your USB and clicking on the executable file. In addition to this, you ought to acquaint that, unlike different installers, it’s not gonna affect your Windows registry and Start menu at all.Do XDM Download


Run Several Instances, Limit Speeds & See Logs :

One thing you need to make certain of is that a particular torrent doesn’t presently run on any other client as it might reason issues and even draws more serious issues regarding the account’s state. While this tool isn’t intended for the plain rude tasks like faking thousands of upload GBs, the app doesn’t assure the integrity of your account. Given that the tracker doesn’t feature any safety measures against this kind of tool, it’s highly suggested that you keep such download and upload values in the common-sense boundaries. The utility also permits several instances in case you desire to increase the ratio on many trackers at the same time.Get Mega Link Downloader


The RatioMaster download is definitely an extremely reliable and efficient tool, yet it ought to be utilized sensibly. It doesn’t burden the performance of your system, and we didn’t experience any issues, bugs, or crashes in the tests. The interface requires some becoming accustomed to, yet the response time is extremely good.Do Cain And Abel Download

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