RaidCall Download Free For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

The RaidCall is a helpful application for chatting with your contacts and friends during different multiplayer games both in & out of the Gameplay, at the same time. You can look for the contacts utilizing the search function of this software, or in the chat room of the game. It comprises private chat rooms that are password restricted. The app also can work as a regular conference call with two modes to pick from.

The walkie-talkie mode works by simply pushing the button for communicating, while the other mode is just an open conversation setting, permitting the different players to hear everything without any kind of disruption. RaidCall is the ideal tool to organize the online gaming experience with the game buddies and enjoying the Gameplay in a new manner. Collaborate and manage your game with the team uninterrupted.Do Virtual Dj 7 Download

RaidCall Features :

The following are a few features of the RaidCall download:

  • High-quality voice chatting from anywhere in the world
  • In a single RaidCall group, it can hold up to ten thousand users at a time
  • Added features such as poll, voice recorder, activity logs, and announcements
  • The flexible group organization system
  • Chat records
  • Screenshot sharing and file transferring
  • Personalized Emoticons and themes


Skype Vs. RaidCall Download :

After going through everything, one can ask himself why he requires RaidCall if he has Skype already installed on the computer or Android device, a much more comprehensive tool in the Internet world. For starting off, it is always the best idea to be capable of utilizing software specialized in online video games and not a universal VoIP (voice over IP) application, particularly if the voice quality of this tool is almost unbeatable. And secondly, because it’s a low latency, which is necessary in the world of gaming in which one millisecond can really mark the disparity between losing or winning the game. To all the latter, we have to append its low bandwidth, and low resource consumption needs for making it run smoothly.Get Realtek HD Audio Manager

Moreover, RaidCall is also more adaptable because it comes along with two modes, as mentioned earlier. We can make use of the tool like a walkie-talkie, in which the user needs to hit a voice button for transmitting, or in the free conversation mode, in which the user will leave the mic open, being capable of sending and receiving sound at any moment. Taking all that into consideration, it should not surprise anybody that numerous clans already demand their users to have this RaidCall installed, at the expense of other similar apps such as Mumble, Vent, or TeamSpeak.

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