QQ Player Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

There’re a lot of video players available in the market, but the QQ Player brings the advanced features from the video editors, so you can create added operations from a single user interface. When you need not only the media player with the normal function but the player with added helpful features for enhancing the music listening experience, then this tool was created with you in mind. Aside from the basic features of the media player, the program first can support all the major files and audio formats. Also, it makes use of drag & drop functionality for navigating through your music files. Secondly, you’re free to change the screen mode to suit the viewing desire you have. Also, you can take different screenshots, change its loop mode, jump from one frame to another and manage its ratio element as you turn and allow synchronization of the files for better management, among other value-added features.

Features Of The QQ Player:

The QQ Player provides the following features:

  • Capture the screenshot of the video
  • Convert audio and videos, extract audio from your video
  • Split big video files into the small clips
  • Merge numerous video files into the single one
  • Assist you in compressing the video files to the small file size
  • Easy make the music video playlist
  • Automatic and real-time 2D to 3D video conversion
  • Very simple to take snapshots from the video and created animated Gif
  • CPU speeding up on the Intel core processors
  • Watch 2D standard definition DVDs in astonishing high impact 3D
  • Simple, intuitive, and highly responsive UI
  • Full format support can play all the media files smoothly, comprising 3D and HD
  • Direct view, cloud playback and play online videos
  • Wi-Fi support, computer to iPad transfer, stream videos with the subtitles to iPad

Customization With Hotkeys:

Another peculiar function of the QQ Player app is the capability of changing the file formats for the compatibility with the mobile-based apps. The hotkeys functionality assists in customizing hotkeys for doing a particular function of the preference. The online integration also permits you to manage the subtitling in a little to make the features organized and simple to run. We can’t fail to state its capability of changing HD mode, manage update, decode, and configure your file to different settings. The lightweight feature never limits the general functionality of your PC. However, the file of help is just in Chinese with zero setting options to the other languages.

QQ Player


The QQ Player can support an extremely broad range of media formats, and it provides a lot of features for compressing, converting, splitting, and more. Any function can be found right away in the popup menu, and they’re simple to comprehend as well. The user interface has a sleek design, and it is comfortable to making use of it.


A few buttons are labeled with the Asian characters.

The Bottom Line:

All things considered, QQ Player download is a good program for playing at home video and music files. It’s a version for Android devices as well. With this application, you can perform much more than see the videos. Its large collection of programs will assist you in performing any action, from taking snapshots to compressing or converting, with minimum effort from your side.

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