PuTTYgen Download Free For Windows 10, 7, 8

Are you searching to download PuTTYgen? Yes, then you this is the right place to come. In this article, we are gonna provide you guide to Download and use the Puttygen software on your operating system. Also, to download Puttygen, we are going to provide a direct download link .exe file. So, read on to carefully know about all of this.

32 Bit

64 Bit

What Is PuTTYgen ?

It is a tool utilized for generating Private and Public SSH keys for servers. You can make the SSH keys using the putty gen, and it is the main function of this tool. It creates the keys in the .ppk file format. But you can also change this format to any other format simply. Puttygen is officially accessible for Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. The Puttygen Windows version is in the .exe format. You can install and run it on the Windows computer. It has a GUI version for Windows. But for the Mac or Linux, PuTTYgen is command based. You need to utilize some commands to use the Puttygen on Mac or Linux operating system.

This tool is handy if you work with different servers. It can create diverse kinds of SSH keys for the server and make it securer. If you’re utilizing Putty, which is an extremely well-liked SSH client, then you can create the keys for Putty with the assistance of Puttygen. The PuTTYgen download link is provided here.


Features :

The basic function of the PuTTYgen is to generate public and private key pairs. It saves keys in its own particular format, i.e., .ppk files, but it is capable of changing keys to and from other file formats. PuTTYgen is frequently installed as part of the installation package of PuTTY.msi, so you don’t need any separate PuTTYgen download.

How Can You Utilize This Tool ?

As mentioned earlier, PuTTYgen is utilized to generate private or public key pair for making SSH keys. Below is the full guide about how can you create RSA key in the Windows OS:

  • Once you have installed the PuTTY on the system, you can simply run PuTTYgen. For the same, navigate to Windows > Start Menu then click on All Programs > PuTTY and then click on PuTTYgen.
  • You’ll see a dialog box on the computer screen.
  • You’ll locate a Generate option in that dialog box. Simply click on it and it’ll direct you to create the keys.
  • Now you’ll need to append a unique key passphrase in the specified space and confirm the field.
  • Then simply click on Save Private Key and Save Public Key options to save the private and public keys.
  • You’ll perceive the text beginning with SSH-RSA in the Public key for pasting into the authorized Open SSH keys file field which can be found at the top of your window. Copy that complete text to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl and C button as you’ll need the key to paste on the clipboard directly on your cloud server or in the public key of the control panel.

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