Push Video Wallpaper Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

After utilizing a PC over and over again, the look of it becomes old, and the owner of it looks for new avenues for spicing up the computer again. Although there’re a lot of themes accessible that you can easily install for making the stunning background environment for your desktop, the Push Video Wallpaper app takes customization further with the innovations. This fantastic application allows a PC user to play different video animations as the background on their desktop PCs. This tool can easily support different types of video animation for desktop backgrounds like animated GIF and video files like MP4, AVI, and a lot of others.Do SPSS Download

This utility can also easily revert to the animated screensaver that can play random pictures or a video when the PC isn’t in use. With this tool, you can generate a playlist from the preferred video clips or wallpaper pictures and have them play in the background of the PC desktop. Also, it can easily support the flexibility of setting the video/image rotation gaps for your video to your screen, stretch, or crop on your desktop. This utility provides with an innovative twist to the PC desktop customization; you’ll surely love it.

Key Features Of The Push Video Wallpaper:

  • This program has an easy to use interface.
  • An impressive tool created for enhancing the desktop by playing videos as the wallpaper in your PC’s background
  • You can generate playlists of the preferred videos.
  • You can simply apply the Win Vista Ultimate video Dreamscene wallpapers on all the latest OSs.
  • Faster and even better results‎
  • More than five hundred wallpapers
  • Placing icon in your System Tray for the quick access
  • The modern and sleek interface and simple to use features
  • Stretch, fit to the screen or crop that to the better desktop
  • Make your own video and photo playlists with ease
  • And a lot more.

Push Video Wallpaper

How Can You Download This App?

  • First of all, download the Push Video Wallpaper file from the link provided.
  • Then, extract it and run the downloaded file.
  • Now, simply click Generate License Key.
  • Copy & paste that generated license key.
  • Activate your file and run on the computer.
  • Finished! Now enjoy it.

Advantages & Disadvantages: 


You can make use of the videos as your desktop wallpapers. The program allows you to compile the video playlist. Also, it can easily and automatically pause the videos when the users have something in the full-screen mode.


The program is far from smooth if you do not have adequate resources.

The Push Video Wallpaper download can easily be installed in no time, without going through any sort of complicated settings. This utility can work on all the modern Win platforms, but you might have to update the system if you are utilizing Win 7. Also, the program won’t do well if the users have less than average hardware. With this application, you can bring the system desktop to life with just a few clicks.

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