Punto Switcher Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you are continually typing in Russian and English interchangeably and you discover yourself aggravated by the number of times you’ve to change the keyboard layout back and forth, then you will find the Punto Switcher app extremely useful and interesting, so you may desire to give it a shot. The concept behind this tool is quite fantastic, and it is absolutely something you ought to support if typing in Russian and English is something you do every day. The program is ingenious because it is actually based on recognizing the impossible letters combos that are inherent to all of such languages. What this program does is do the arithmetical analysis of the input symbols and of the sharing of 2-symbol pairs that emerge in languages you make use of so that it can automatically switch the input language. Once it does so, the program will remove what you wrote and enter it again in the right language.

Features Of The Punto Switcher:

The Punto Switcher download provides the following features:

  • Language replacement can be allocated to any hotkeys
  • Switch layouts for any languages pairs
  • One keystroke and you can translate text into transliteration and back
  • Language pointer can be put anywhere on your screen
  • Programmable text auto-change, any letter combo can be replaced with the predefined phrase (for instance, “I apologize,” “PPP”)
  • You can set the automatic correction of any words, comprising typos
  • The number in words can substitute dialed numbers
  • Storing up to thirty texts in your clipboard
  • Automatic clearing of the text format when copying that
  • Sound notification when the language anomalies are located
  • The feature of keeping the diary is the conservation of all the texts you’ve entered in the text editors or the browser. Info can be saved to the different file
  • Can support all utilized versions of Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. There’s also a Mac OS version available.

System Requirements

  • 128MB RAM or more
  • 800MHz central processing unit
  • x32 or x64 hardware architecture
  • 5MB hard disk space
  • Operating system Win Vista, Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10

Punto Switcher

Known Problems Of The Tool:

A few individuals believe that the app is more damaging than puzzling. There’s a grain of reality in it if you frequently write intentionally distorted words (or even cut them down), then the Punto Switcher app will always try hard to switch that layout, even when it’s not required. The issue is solved by fine-tuning the app. Attention! During the installation of the program, you have to be very attentive. You’ll be asked to download antivirus, Yandex Browser, and multi-caliber toolbars. Also, uncheck the equivalent checkboxes if you do not require them, of course. The program is appropriate for individuals whose professional activities are connected to the writing and processing of a huge amount of textual info. It assists in solving a lot of small but unlikable issues. Thanks to the diary feature, you’ll no longer lose the texts of yours.

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