Puffin Browser For Pc Download For Free Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

Puffin browser for pc is a free, very lightweight, and simple to utilize that’ll really accelerate the web navigation by utilizing a variety of cloud servers. By doing so, the tool will make complex websites and web pages to load extremely fast on the PC. The browser doesn’t rely on the local system resources and leverages the cloud computing power to enhance the browsing experience. It integrates the powerful cloud computing technology and innovative JavaScript engine, being capable of simply pre-processing and compressing the sites. The browser also has increased privacy, thanks to the integrated incognito mode of it, which allows you to visit any site without leaving any traces. Also, the traffic between the server and the app is encrypted.

Features Of The Puffin Browser :

Now let’s check the features it provides:

  • Cloud Protection:

With all web traffic from and to this web browser being encrypted, the data is secure from the prying hands of close by hackers who might try to track and access the browsing habits.

  • Latest Flash Technology:

It is what the browser is recognized for. With the newest Flash plug-in powering your browser, you will be up with the remaining of the technology-driven world when it comes to access the media comprising animations, videos, flash-enabled games, pictures, flash-driven sites and a lot more.

puffin browser

  • Multiple Orientations! 

There is an in-built wide-screen mode to take benefit of, similar to a theater mode that provides with a broad-viewing experience on sites like YouTube.

  • Simple To Use:

There is an incorporated virtual trackpad for seamlessly proving the control system while you are watching the full-screen videos, and your browser also has the distinction of having the best ever JavaScript engine.

Integrates The Cloud Computing Technology For The Lightning-Fast Browsing Sessions :

While it might all sound like features any browser has to integrate, what distinguishes Puffin from similar tools is its distinct focus on the speed. It can really manage to provide that by introducing the cloud computing tech, which permits it to turn to choose the servers for preprocessing and compressing the sites you’re visiting. In turn, it can also translate to the fact you can access the web pages more rapidly than under the normal situation, not to state that the traffic is all encrypted, and consequently, utilizing the public insecure wi-fi ought to pose no risks at all. In any case, if the user prefers to revert to the local mode, disabling cloud server is a simple click away.Uc Browser is also a good browser

Advantages & Disadvantages Of This Tool :


  • The app provides enhanced security and privacy.
  • The tool permits users to browse the web in a fast and straightforward manner.


  • Advertisements can b quite annoying.


All in all, this tool is a new arrival on the computer that can have a great future. The app offers you with a simple means of surfing the internet, and its unarguable focus on security and speed could turn this tool into a dependable browsing companion if you’re inquisitive about giving it a try.Try Baidu Browser

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