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Many companies make use of proxies for connecting to their Internet. It is a better method of managing your data going in and out of your association. Also, it can assist in limiting hacker attacks and, thus, keeping the critical data secure. The issue with proxies is that each app that makes use of the internet connection has to be manually set to utilize the proxy. A few tools do not support working with the proxy servers, as they connect to the net directly. That’s where the Proxifier app comes in really handy. It is a program that permits each app to connect the internet utilizing a proxy. That denotes no more malfunctions and restrictions. The utility will run as if it was connected to your internet directly. This app installs reach quickly, occupies very little hard disk space, and can run on each Windows version, starting with the Windows XP.

Key Features Of The Proxifier Tool:

The Proxifier app provides these features:

  • Master The Corporate Network:

Control access to different resources. Route all the connections using a single entry point. Also, remotely update several configurations from a single place.

  • Proxy Everything:

Redirect the connections of any internet application (email, browser, game, and database, etc.) using a proxy.

  • Privacy & Security:

A flexible and lightweight alternative to the Virtual Private Network. Tunnel the connections using the encrypted channels.

  • Improve The Connection:

Route internet traffic using faster routes.

  • Flexibility:

Assign diverse chains or proxies to diverse connections utilizing your rule-based system.

  • Exceed Limitations:

Make use of the proxy as a gateway for internet activities.



The interface of the Proxifier is no eye candy, but it is easy to utilize and practical, as all your options are in the correct place. The tool permits utilizing the classical menu, but also a graphical toolbar for doing most actions. For the app to begin doing its work, you have to make a new profile, have to append a proxy server or more, and that is all. At that point, it will begin monitoring every single app that connects to your internet and will intercept that, forcing it to utilize a proxy defined in the tool.

Virtually every program is supported by this utility, even the multi-player games. The interface shows in real-time each app’s name that utilizes the internet connection and displays a little info regarding its use and also possible issues, utilizing the red color. The program is virtually compatible with each app that utilizes the network connection. Another plus for this utility is that it has detailed logs for informing the users which tools are utilizing the proxy or not, as well as thorough traffic statistics for checking out what is happening at any given time.


It allows any app to connect to your network utilizing the proxy servers, even if that app wasn’t originally created for supporting the proxy servers.


The number of choices is limited, and so is the complexity.

The Bottom Line:

In general, the Proxifier download provides a fantastic experience as it can support an extremely wide range of apps and remains extremely light on PC resources.

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