Plist Editor Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Three classes of OS dominate the personal computing world. The Windows operating system dominates by over ninety percent share of the market, the Mac operating system that takes about seven percent of the remainder, and a lot of others that can strive to obtain a share of the remaining. Mac and Windows have a long history of competition but seem to get along to foster compatibility in recent times. One such application that permits Windows-based operating system users to work with Mac operating system X is the Plist editor which’s a highly helpful app that can manage property list files. Plist is a file format made by Apple and has configuration info for different applications.

Plist Editor Features:

  • Check and edit the XML files in text mode
  • Read & edit the .Plist files in both XML and binary format
  • Correct syntax before saving the work
  • Options to look for and replace, assignation of bookmarks, syntax highlighting
  • Adjust the interface by means of skins

User Interface :

The UI of this Plist editor app is similar to the inbuilt Notepad, which’s a native Windows operating system application. Besides the familiar graphical user interface, the application makes use of the least systems resources, which make it simple to multitask with other applications without reasoning the PC for slowing down. This app can really perform its features to perfection; it also permits people to work with the Property List files, which are particular to the MAC operating system. If you’re a user of the Windows system and happens to work with these files, this app is an ideal option for you.Do Jarfix Download

Plist Editor

Easy Steps To Install This Tool On Windows 10 ?

  • First of all, download the tool from the link provided.
  • Click on Save as or Save for choosing the location where you want to save the downloaded file. Most antivirus tools, such as Bitdefender, will scan the tool for the viruses throughout the download. If you choose Save, the tool will be saved in the Downloads folder. Or, if you choose Save as, then you can select where to save the file, such as the desktop.
  • Once the downloading of the file is done, double-click on the execution file for running the installation procedure.
  • Then, follow the installation instructions that emerge until completed.
  • Now, the icon of the Plist editor app will appear on the Desktop.
  • Click on it for running the app into the Windows 10 computer.
  • Done! Now enjoy using the application.


All things considered, the Plist editor download utility is quite helpful and can really accomplish its purpose, namely that of offering a simple to make use of means of working with the property list files that are specific to the Apple’s Mac operating system X. The feature pack is basic, but the app can really work fast and get the work accomplished without any hassle, so it is worth a shot if you’re about to handle the Plist files.

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