PatchMyPC Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

It’s suggested to keep all the programs updated for security reasons, but also for the new coming features. It’s a scanning system that allows the user to see the updates accessible and automatically updating them for you. The PatchMyPC updater can be utilized for uninstalling apps that aren’t installed well and install them at the latest. The system is simple to make use of and contains the UI. If the program is out-of-date, the scanner will display Red color, or if the program is the latest, the scanner will display Green. It comes with a scanner that can repair the 3rd party products like Flash, Reader, QuickTime, Java, and a lot more. The app will detect a lot of well-liked applications such as HotSpot Shield, Chrome, Zoner Photo Studio, and Steam, among others. Generally, it’s an intuitive and simple app which comes in really handy when it comes to scanning the system for a particular purpose.

Features Of The PatchMyPC App:

  • Out-of-date software will show in Red
  • Simple to utilize UI
  • Patches a lot of common 3rd party products like Flash, Reader, QuickTime, Java, and More
  • The latest software will show in the Green color
  • Provides optional program updates you can comprise in the update procedure
  • Portable & extremely small around 300 KB
  • Quickly uninstall several tools
  • Scan & install the required Win updates
  • Disable or enable the startup tools


Straightforward User Interface:

The PatchMyPC app shows an easy to use user interface with the tabbed structure, which can really make it accessible and comprehensive for the majority of users. When run, it rapidly scans your PC and makes a list of all the programs that do or don’t require updating. Apps that need updates are shown in red while the ones that are the latest are shown with a green color. Once the assessment is done, this tool automatically chooses the apps that are prepared for updating and shows their name with the new number of versions. However, it does not begin updating on its own, as you’re capable of manually selecting what you desire to install.

Practical Startup Manager & Uninstaller:

The app allows the users to make the updates list, and with a simple click, install several ones. For making certain you do not risk affecting the PC’s stability when doing several updates, the PatchMyPC program permits the users to create a restore point before beginning, and also close apps that conflict with the updates. Aside from that, with this utility, you can disable or enable the 3rd-party apps that are automatically running when the OS boots. It is a great feature to have since, in many cases, you do not require a specific program to run in the background. Better yet, if there’s the program you do not plan to utilize any time soon, you can make use of this application for uninstalling it.


The PatchMyPC download is simple to utilize and quick on the feed, but it does come with a setback. Relying on what program you utilize, it can be a significant issue or not because the tool can just update the tool that exists in a particular database. The list is quite long and does cover the most usually utilized programs, but there’re probabilities that a few of what you utilize will not be there. On the good side, the updates library of the app is continually being improved.

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