Packet Tracer Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10 ( 32 & 64 Bit)

The packet tracer is a network simulation program that can assist in the discovery and troubleshooting of the issue in the complete network. By utilizing this app, you can really assess the performance of the network while changing the particular settings and evaluating the effects of the changes in your network. It permits the user to add as many devices as he/she likes and making a better comprehension of troubleshooting the issues that can exist in a network.Do Boot Disk Utility Free Download

32 Bit

64 Bit

You can also make use of the drag function for appending devices so that the procedure is made simpler. Collaboration with the communities and social network is also doable through this app, which permits you to interact with others and cope with the issues easier. It can also support different technology resources and protocols. The multi-user interaction is also doable utilizing this packet tracer app, which can assist in better detecting the issues, and troubleshooting of your networks.Get Oracle SQL Developer

Packet Tracer Features:

One of the major causes, why you ought to utilize the latest version of packet tracer download rather than older ones, is that it has more bugs fixed. Here’re the packet tracer features you ought to expect to locate on the newest version of the program:Do Immunity Free Debugger Download

  • Modes:

The packet tracer tool has two functioning modes for assisting you in visualizing the network behavior: real-time mode and simulation mode. The simulation mode permits you to control and monitor data propagation from one network to the other, time intervals, and the useful details of the data transfer. In the real-time mode, all the networks provide an instantaneous real-time response. This mode provides you with an opportunity to work with a viable substitute for the actual gear. It also allows you to practice before working with the networking gear in real life.Do Microsoft office Starter Free Download

Packet Tracer

  • Packet Tracer Workspaces:

There are two workspaces provided by the packet tracer network: physical and logical. The logical one permits you to cluster and connect virtual networking devices for making logical working topologies. Conversely, the physical space provides a physical dimension to the logical topology. It permits you to comprehend how the network devices (hosts, switches, and routers) would look like in a real environment. It also provides a physical representation of the different networks, comprising cities, buildings, and even the wiring closets.Doing Sublime Text Download is easy

  • Tutorial:

The packet tracer comes with a complete tutorial. It assists you in familiarizing yourself with the tool. You can also simply get the advanced tutorials from the Academy Connection.

  • Modular Devices:

The visual graphical representations replicate hardware and will allow you to insert the interface cards into the interfaces and modular switches. It’ll finally become a part of your packet tracer network simulation.Do Cain And Abel Free Download

  • Activity Wizard:

This packet tracer feature permits you to make your own learning agenda. You can utilize the instructional text for setting up scenarios, and also make the first and final network topologies. Grading and feedback capabilities are also available in the activity wizard.Do AMIDuOS Free Download

Packet Tracer Download & Install:

Follow the easy steps mentioned below for installing the visual simulation:

  • First of all, download packet tracer from a reliable source.
  • Once that’s done, run its setup and follow the on-screen instructions for installing the tool.
  • Wait for the program to install.
  • Open the file and give the sign-in details to the Cisco networking account. If you do not have one, then simply log as a guest.
  • You’ll then be taken to the main window.
  • Get all the tools you require from the action panel.

The Advantages Of Utilizing This Tool:

A few advantages of utilizing the packet tracer simulator tool are as follows:

  • Free for everybody, individuals, and institutions across the globe, particularly permitting students to get hands-on skills on the Cisco networks. Earlier, it was free for the Cisco network academy students only.
  • Practice the full Cisco packet tracer labs in the career-building and skills program for learning (CCN, CCENT, CCNP Switch exams, and CCNP Security, in fact, any Cisco certification).
  • It is an equally helpful program for learning for individuals and institutions.
  • People can run the simulations on all the devices compatible with this tool comprising Linux, Windows, and Android devices.
  • You can also run and practice Cisco iOS without having a physical network and router.

Although the Cisco packet tracer is completely free for all the users from all across the world to download and utilize, the Cisco networking academy also makes it necessary for getting a Cisco account for downloading and even utilizing this program.


The packet tracer is a fantastic tool accessible to everybody no matter where in the world they belong to. If you face any issue while utilizing the program, then you can simply go online and look for the working fixes.

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