Ostoto Hotspot Download Free For Windows 10, 7, 8

If you’d want to connect the mobile device to a wi-fi hotspot, you may be wondering how you can do that safely and securely. While there’re a lot of diverse wi-fi hotspots accessible, a few can pose security risks to the mobiles. That’s why it’s frequently a good idea to utilize your own home computer or laptop as its own hotspot.

You can do so by utilizing software recognized as OSToto Hotspot program. This app has been particularly designed to assist you in creating a hotspot using your Windows PC at home. For the users’ ease, the free OSToto hotspot download link is provided here.

OSToto Hotspot Customization And Security :

The security options of the OSToto Hotspot are rather limited. Sure, it is possible to secure the internet connection using a password, but that is about it. The customization options of this tool are also quite basic. You can select to change the actions of the program during startup, receiving and sending notifications, and update driver version. Other than these, it provides no other menus for the customization. Despite such drawbacks, it is still a great tool for users who have to turn their devices into some Wi-Fi hotspots.

Ostoto Hotspot

Efficiency :

The OSToto Hotspot was previously recognized as 160WiFi but other than the change of name; it persists the legacy of 160WiFi without much difference. Installing the tool does not take much longer. In fact, it installs as soon as you click on the file. Once opened, you will see the purple and white interface that has been there since the days of 160WiFi. The interface of the program is minimalistic. The tool occupies a very small part of the screen, so it does not get in your way. Apart from the pop-up setting menu on the screen, most of the essential options that you will likely require are already displayed.

Ostoto Hotspot Free

It ought to be stated that the program requires a wireless adapter to function. However, once the adapter has been installed, utilizing the OSToto Hotspot is pretty much smooth. You will be capable of seeing all of the devices connected to your hotspot. You can also pick to blacklist any unnecessary devices. You can see such devices in the list of the Blacklist section of the tool.

Simple And Effective :

There is no denying that the OSToto Hotspot is a very simple tool. It has simple menus and simple interface. It is undoubtedly a good fit for those who are not technically savvy. All it requires is a wireless adapter, and users are very much set to go. Still, that extremely simplicity can also be the downside as it also lacks many features. Do not anticipate many top-level functions. As long as Wi-Fi is all you require, then this tool can certainly fulfill your requirements.

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