MyHotSpot Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Customer satisfaction and care are a few of the major ingredients of each flourishing business. That’s why each business owner and entrepreneur need to put measures in place that facilitate enjoyment and convenience on the part of the clients. The MyHotSpot tool offers you with one of the methods that can be achieved. It’s an extremely helpful program that provides internet access to clients. This proficient Wireless LAN program provides the customers extra flexibility and mobility when it comes to network access. It mainly suits the medium-scale companies and can be utilized in numerous places such as cafés, hotels, gaming centers, and bistros, just to mention some. Clients are charged for the Wi-Fi services through the disbursement system that’s created inside the tool.

Installation Of The MyHotSpot Software:

  • Start the MyHotSpot setup file on the windows computer to install.
  • You first have to enable the network configuration during the installation procedure. The network wizard will be opened.
  • You have to reboot the PC after installing the program.
  • If you make use of Win Vista, 7, 8, or 10, make certain to run the tool with Admin rights. Right-click the tool > choose Run as administrator.
  • The Win Firewall restricts and blocks the network access and the usage of this program. You’ll need to append the executable of the tool and HotspotService.exe to the list of exceptions of the Win firewall.
  • Please check if the tool driver has been appropriately installed and reboot the computer after installation or network setup.


How Does It Work The Hotspot System?

  • Login Page: 

When a client connects to the network and enters any site address, sign in page will be shown in the browser and asked to validate with the user or the code-account.

  • Error Dialog: 

It’ll be displayed automatically by entering some invalid data, disabled or expired account.

  • Design Customization: 

You can make use of the configuration manager of this tool for changing the design and access the sign-in page. You can utilize this option, for instance, to show the company logo.

  • Successful Login: 

If the client entered accurate details, sign-in would be approved. The infobox is helpful as it keeps a client knows about the present balance and the remaining time.

  • Logout: 

The user of HotSpot will be automatically signed out when time ends by clicking the Logout button or automatically by the internet activity at a particular time.

  • Buy FlatRate: 

It is access to the internet at all days and hours within the booked time at a cheap and set tariff.

  • Free Sites: 

The MyHotSpot tool provides you with the capability of specifying free sites; the users will be capable of opening without authentication.

  • SMS Authentication: 

It can be optionally allowed by making a free prepaid-code or new account. A random PIN-Code or password will be generated automatically and sent through the SMS message to the consumer mobile number.

The Bottom Line:

In brief, the MyHotSpot download is a feature-rich wi-fi and POS program that permits the users to boost the profit of their business by making a wifi hotspot and charging for access to the network.

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