My Wifi Router Download Free For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

If you have the wireless network card and desire to share the Internet connection with your other devices, you can turn the PC into a wireless hotspot using my wifi router. The app’s intuitive controls and efficient design make this operation as simple as possible, even for the beginners. In just some secs, you can either share the connection with different devices or turn the PC into a relay and extend the wifi signal range.

This tool is distributed as the freeware app. It can really work on the Windows XP and all the later versions of Windows, up to Windows 8, and you can install it in just a few secs. Also, there is no requirement of making any type of advanced settings, and you do not need to install any prerequisite apps. The only need is the installed wireless card.Download PuTTYgen

My WiFi Router Features :

Check out these features of my wifi router download:

  • Control who can really connect to the WLAN.
  • Share the internet connection through wifi hotspot in secs.
  • Share videos and files directly through this app.
  • Block unwanted devices.
  • Accessible on all the modern versions of the Windows operating system (Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10, both x32 and x64).

Installation & Usage Of My WiFi Router :

It has a small package that’s extremely intuitive, and you can install it on the desktop computer or laptop in secs. Just follow the on-screen directions for finishing the installation and get the application running. Upon the first application boot, you’ll be given the main interface of my wifi router that has intuitive tools and a bright blue stylish background. The main screen is centered on the rapid startup of the local wifi; you can set up the connection password, name, lock it to the private connection with a simple click. On the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a listing of the detected wireless cards. If the tool isn’t detecting any, then the sharing of hotspots will be impossible.

My Wifi Router

On the right tabbed side, you’ll see an effective and simple way to list through the presently connected device sand block the undesired ones. Video sharing can also be accessed by simply hitting My Videos from the top of its main window. There you can set up the directory base where the videos are placed, and then simply hit Start Video Sharing. The advanced supported options are the capability of cutting the stream after a particular time (helpful for not allowing the connection active at all times), setting the power options throughout the hotspot sharing, and more.

Advantages And Disadvantages :


  • Share Video: 

The My Videos feature of my wifi router can really share your videos over the networked device. You can even control the speed of playback individually.

  • Manage Access: 

You can rapidly allow your friends or blacklist the undesired people in connection management.

  • Power Off Timer: 

A simple to set timer can automatically shut down the host PC, shutting down the wifi access simultaneously.

  • Software Conflicts: 

This tool, by default, allows Software Conflict Detection. You can really disable the feature or activate the choice of automatically closing the conflicting software in the settings.


  • Security: 

Tools like my wifi router can really make it too simple to share the wifi connection arbitrarily, even by accident. Before sharing the wifi connection, make certain the computer or laptop is protected and secure, and the network options correctly configured.


My wifi router is one of the simplest solutions you can have for making the virtual wifi hotspots on the wireless-capable computer or laptop. While its capability, if sharing the wireless connection will be limited by the power and range of wireless card, this tool does most of the job.

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