MTPuTTY Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

MTPuTTY is also known as Multi-Tabbed Putty; it is a program that many individuals find helpful, and it’s one of the most well-liked SSH clients for the Windows system. If you desire to begin a new copy of PuTTY, this program will assist you out a lot, and you’ll find out that it’s a handy app for you, which you’ll love. It’ll allow the users to open a new connection, and in case he’d require five active connections, this app will provide the user the chance to open such connections easily.

You can, for instance, run five instances of PuTTY, and you’ll notice that you’ll have five diverse windows opened with the tool. It’s free to utilize program which allows the users to wrap the unlimited number of PuTTY apps in one tabbed graphical user interface. You can carry on utilizing the preferred SSH client, and you won`t be capable of messing around with PuTTY windows. Each window will be opened in a different tab, and you’ll acquaint which window will be allocated to the task you concentrate on. There’re some features you have to acquaint about this MTPuTTY program.


Features Of The MTPuTTY App:

The MTPuTTY app comes with the following fantastic features:

  • Make the database for storing different PuTTY sessions into different folders
  • Show multiple PuTTY sessions in the different tabs
  • Automatic running post-sign in commands
  • Automatic sign in to the PuTTY session
  • It can also support running several commands on one or multiple sessions of PuTTY
  • Import the database from the XML file which’s exported from the PuTTY Connection Manager app
  • SFTP or FTP to the server utilizing WinSCP
  • Make the database from the accessible PuTTY sessions
  • Hotkey for switching to the previous or next tab
  • Support cut, copy, paste, and delete session or folder

Automatic Login:

In the automatic mode, the MTPuTTY program can type your password for you to sign in. As mentioned earlier, Multi Tabbed PuTTY is the full form of it, and unlike PuTTY it can afford you the capability of opening just a single window and have several tabs open for running all the multiple connections in place of the traditional way of having to open a new window for every connection you want to open. You get all the processes of PuTTY opened within the same tab with a graphical represented user interface and also get all its features from the preference SSH client like the SCP, raw socket connection, TELNET, SSH, and others.


It is available freely as freeware for laptop use or PC use with Windows x32 and x64 OS. It is in the category of SSH clients and is accessible to all the users of the software. In general, MTPuTTY download is a pretty awesome PC app, mainly aimed at the network Admins or any other kind of user who works with the PuTTY Telnet and SSH client. It really can manage to append a value to the already-awesome tool, and that’s incredible for any program, in any vocation.

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