MSI Kombustor Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The games need even more resources than ever before. Indeed, there’re striking 3D effects in a lot of applications and games. It’s excellent to acquaint what the PC can do regarding its graphic performance. Compare yourself with the other gamers or hardware configurations. The MSI Kombustor is a toolkit with the comprehensive testing process on the visual graphics card. It’s most suitable for web developers and video gamers. This app has a simple user interface and automatically shows primary graphics card, device ID, temp, among others, while booting. The three 3D tests accessible for you for running, namely the Wavy Plane, Fractal Frame, and Triangle of death, allows one to acquaint the average frames for each sec after running the stress test. A preset in 720p or1080p can run in the program through this kind of test is particularly significant to the high-end video games.

Additional features in this tool allow the users to conduct the GPU burn-in test on a 3D API and choosing the 3D object between MSI, Sphere of Box, and Torus. Furthermore, you can run the OpenGL four and Phys X benchmark test that also comprises music. The settings option aids operations like allowing the anti-aliasing mode, altering to the full-screen mode, and adapting the default resolution. However, the program may user interfere with the PCs’ operation, thus needing the user to interrupt all other tools on the PC so that the app delivers precise results. The people who are concerned about the capabilities of the graphics card they have really appreciate this toolkit.

Features Of The MSI Kombustor:

  • Latest OpenGL 3.2 rendering path
  • Based on the FurMark technology
  • Link with the Afterburner 1.5.0+
  • Stability and benchmark test mode
  • Fullscreen or windowed for every kind of run mode
  • GPU temp monitoring
  • MSAA samples selection
  • Window size selection (custom or standard)
  • Xtreme Burning Mode for the Xtreme tester
  • Benchmarking parameters: frames based or time-based

Installation & Usage:

The MSI Kombustor is a small tool that can simply be downloaded & installed to the computer in secs by just following the directions given on your screen. Please be conscious that throughout the burn-in and benchmark runs, components of the computer will be stressed. It’s particularly true for the power delivery hardware, your GPU card, and the motherboard. It’s highly suggested to stop all the needless background processes while this app is working on providing precise results.

MSI Kombustor


The MSI Kombustor app has a simple user interface and mechanically shows device ID, the primary graphics card, temp, among others, once booting. A 3D test out for you for running mainly: Wavy Plane, Fractal Frame, and Triangle; permits the users to grasp the average frames for each sec when running the assay. It’s a program with complete testing procedures on the noticeable graphics card.


In brief, if you desire to test the PC with the 3D advanced graphic, the MSI Kombustor download is the best option. It ought to be appreciated by people who’re really concerned regarding the capabilities of the graphics card. The user interface is clean, simple, and it can really work splendidly to stress the laptop or computer. Just open the tool, run a test, and after a little time, you’ll see the results.

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