Motioninjoy Download Free For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

Motioninjoy is a small app that permits you to make use of your PS3 controller, for many users, one of the easiest of all times, with all your games on the PC. The only thing you require for this is a PS3 controller (logically), the wire for recharging it (miniUSB, USB), and this utility installed on the PC. Once the tool is installed and your controller is connected to your PC with the USB cable, you just need to follow the tutorial on the official page of this software, and in a matter of a few secs, you’ll be capable of utilizing it.

The tutorial, for the ones who are afraid of the complex procedures, is as easy as clicking on the drivers tab of this utility, choosing the ones that appear and load them. In just a few secs it’ll all be set, aside from a few small final touches to the taste of the user himself. Such finishing touches permit the users to configure all the buttons of their controllers, and the vibration, etc. so that you can make use of the PS3 controller to your own liking.Try Better Ds3 as well for gaming

This tool is an almost necessary software for any PS3 owner that desires to play occasionally on the computer because it permits the usage of the same controller the possessor is used to, with all the favorite games on the PC. And best of all, the procedure to do so can be done in less than just 2 minutes.


How Can You Install Motioninjoy ?

  • First of all, click on the Motioninjoy download button for downloading the tool.
  • Then, you have to navigate to the Start menu. There, in the Start Menu, you’ll see the folder named by the tool’s name. Simply right-click on the folder > choose Run as Admin.
  • Now, open the DualShock 3 Tool application from the tool and configure the PS3 gamepad. If you utilize Bluetooth, it might be a little slower. However, the USB will work just fine with it.

How Can You Use This Tool ?

This tool is simple to set up; once you begin the DualShock 3 utility you have to your controller into your computer for pairing it, and then click Enable for activating it. After setup, you can make use of your controller in any of your favorite games just as you’d an official Microsoft controller. For testing the connection simply utilize Vibration Test, your controller will simply vibrate and verify that your connection has been appropriately paired.Do Xpadder

In general, Motioninjoy drives the PS3 controller (Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis) on the Windows platform free of charge. The problem is there are a few irritating banner advertisements, and the interface isn’t very smooth and is quite cumbersome.

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