MineSweeper Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Named after the services vessel, which is utilized for clearing the naval mines, MineSweeper has always offered a great challenge or at least a great source of entertainment. It’s been around since the year 1960, and today it’s comprised of many OSs. If you need to wait until the scan is over, you can run it right away and play for passing the time or beating your own high scores. As previously said, it is written for a broad variety of OSs. In Windows, you only have to click Start and search for the executable of MineSweeper or enter mine and press enter, if you’re utilizing Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Otherwise, you might download it game from the web, along with added skins.Do Jarfix Free Download

Features Of The MineSweeper Game:

The users will get to enjoy the following features of MineSweeper download:

  • Play sounds
  • Display animations
  • Allow question marks
  • Show tips
  • Continue the saved game
  • Customs width, height, and mines
  • For a new game, hit F2
  • Always save the game while exiting
  • For more options, hit F5
  • For statistics, hit F4
  • Simple download and install

Different Boards Available In MineSweeper:

MineSweeper has three standard boards to pick from, each more and more hard. You can also make a custom board by simply clicking the menu, and then going to options. It can support boards of up to 668 mines and720 squares.Do Mupen64Plus

  • Beginner: 10 mines, 81 tiles
  • Intermediate: 40 mines, 256 tiles
  • Expert: 99 mines, 480 tiles

The MineSweeper rules are easy:

  • If you uncover the mine, the game will be over.
  • If the player uncovers some empty square, then he can continue playing.
  • Uncover any number, and it’ll let you know how many mines are there in the eight surrounding squares.
  • The info you can utilize for concluding which squares are secure to click



The interface of MineSweeper has a grid of different dimensions, relying on the chosen difficulty level. The game aims to find and mark all the mines on your aforementioned grid. There’re diverse outcomes when you hit a square. You’ll either disclose a number, which is not useful, or you can reveal a bigger area of a grid if you click on a blank space. In the worst scenario is clicking on the mine, which denotes that the game is over.Do Corsair Utility Engine Download

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Check out the following pros and cons of MineSweeper game:


It is a great source of entertainment, but MineSweeper is also a great mental exercise because it can put the player’s wits to the ultimate test. You can select between 3 difficulties, with diverse numbers of mines and grid dimensions, or you might make a grid with your own mines and dimensions. You can record the game; see your statistics, high scores, and more.Do Kingston Format Utility Free Download


The classic interface of MineSweeper seems a little tired and old. Luckily, there are different skins accessible.

Helpful Instructions:

  • Mark The Mines:

While playing MineSweeper, if you think a square covers a mine, simply right-click on it, and it’ll put a flag on it; if you’re not certain, then right-click once again for putting a question mark on that square.

  • Study The Patterns: 

If any three MineSweeper squares in a row show 2 3 2, then you ought to probably acquaint that there’re three mines lined up beside that row. If a square says eight, each surrounding square has mines.

  • Explore: 

If you’re not certain where to click in the MineSweeper window, then try clearing some uncharted squares. It’s great to click in the center of the unmarked squares.


All in all, MineSweeper is an interactive desktop app that allows you to play the game in a very clean environment. All types of users can really master this game, regardless of the experience level they have.

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