Microsoft Project Download Free For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

Microsoft project is the best tool for the different project managers and for the ones who desire to be well-organized. When you’ve hundreds of assignments to do, it’s possible to overlook a few of them when to write them down in no particular order of priority randomly. It is an app that permits you to organize and plan a complex project to look efficient and simple throughout implementation. The organization tool provides you with an overall scope of details on every category and subcategory for assisting in real-life handling ventures. It comes with all the needed resources to support when handling a variety of timelines.

Highlights Of The Microsoft Project :

  • Best-in-class templates
  • Fast startup
  • Powerful scheduling
  • Intuitive search
  • Smart automation
  • Familiar charts
  • Intuitive baselines
  • Multiple timelines
  • Visualized relationships
  • Optimized task management
  • Synchronized task lists
  • What-if planning
  • Consolidated view
  • Resource management
  • Integrated collaboration
  • Optimized resources
  • Connected apps
  • Skype for Business
  • Project Server sync and Project Online
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Project reports
  • Better decision-making

Design & Timelines:

There’re zero changes here as far as the design or the layout of the tabs go, or the choices in all these tabs. It denotes you will not need to learn anything new. Also, the project showed timelines for the first time. Such timelines were another method of presenting schedules as an attractive summary. The MS Project 2016 really did improve upon such timelines. The MS Project is, no doubt, an outstanding scheduling product. Merging MS Project 2016 and Project Server could really allow a business to have a full-fledged project management tool that could assist in increasing the efficiency of the project management activities.

Microsoft Project

Do Projects From Scratch Or Edit Different Templates:

Although you can really start the projects from scratch, a simpler approach is to search and choose from the Project Templates provided by Microsoft, which covers a board range of aspects for any company. No matter the project size, you can get complete control over it through the Gantt charts and timelines, which provide with a quick overview of the progress of the team.

Key Features:

There’re advanced reporting apps that make it simpler to assign resources and measure the tasks’ evolution. You can also customize such programs for accommodating the needs. One feature known as the Team Planner is made for assisting in the project managers to predict issues that could reason scheduling conflicts. By carrying out so, the managers can really change what’s required so that the workloads don’t become affected.

The feature called Lync is a sharing program to initiate the calls and messages instantaneously to members of the project. Through Office 365 and SharePoint’s integration, you can really access the projects from pretty much anyplace. Lastly, the project managers can ride on the presentation features that are created into the tool for highlighting the strongest points of the project. That’s awesome when presenting to directors and other significant stakeholders.


Overall, the Microsoft project download is a must for anybody who requires an effective management app for their projects. It comes with the presentation tools, advanced templates, and reporting tools which can simply assist the teams in producing a successful project.

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