Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download For Windows 8,7 & 10

If you require a software suite for your operating systems that can assist you in writing well formatted or simple text documents, in making huge spreadsheets, and edit or create appealing presentations, Microsoft Office 2007 suite is for all your requirements. The three most significant components of the suite are Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint. If you are looking for a virus-free office 2007 suite, then the Microsoft office 2007 free download link is given in this article.Do you Need softwares ? Get them.

New Features Of Microsoft Office Suite : 

The key features of the latest Office Professional 2007 by Microsoft are mentioned below:

  • UI:

The new UI or user interface, officially recognized as Fluent User Interface, has been employed in the main MS Office by Microsoft apps: Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and in the item inspector utilized to edit or create individual things in Outlook. Such apps have been chosen for the user interface overhaul because they center on doc authoring. The remaining apps in the office suite changed to the new user interface in following versions. The font utilized as default in this edition is Calibri. Original models of the new UI were unveiled at MIX 2008 in Vegas.Get Daemon Tools Lite

  • Office Button:

The Microsoft Office button, positioned on the top-left of the office window, replaces the File menu and offers access to functionality frequent across all Microsoft Office apps, including saving, opening, sharing and printing a file. It can also close the app. Users can also select color schemes for their interface in the Microsoft office. A noteworthy accessibility enhancement is that the Microsoft Office button follows the Fitts’s law. You can download the free MS office suite by clicking on the given link.Get DriverPack Solution Online

Microsoft Office 2007

  • Contextual Tabs:

A few tabs, named Contextual Tabs, appear just when certain objects are chosen. These tabs expose functionality particular only to the object you have selected. For instance, selecting an image shows the Pictures tab, which shows options for managing the picture in the Microsoft suite. Likewise, selecting a table will expose table-related options in a particular tab in Microsoft office. These tabs stay hidden except when a relevant object is chosen in office by Microsoft. The download link is given here so that you can get your own free office suite by Microsoft.Do Swf Player Free Download

  • Mini Toolbar:

This one is a small toolbar with essential formatting commands that materializes within the doc editing area, greatly like the context menu. When the mouse chooses part of the text, Mini Toolbar emerges near chosen text. It stays semi-transparent until you hover the mouse pointer on it, to evade hindering what is beneath. It can also be made to emerge by right-clicking in the editing part, in which case it appears near your cursor, below or above the traditional context menu. It is not customizable in the Office by Microsoft, but you can turn it off.Do Puttygen Free Download

  • Live Preview:

Office by Microsoft also comes with a feature named Live Preview, which applies formatting on the focused object or text temporarily when you mouse-over any formatting button in the office by Microsoft. It is removed when you move the mouse pointer from the button. It lets users to have a preview of how that option would affect the appearance of the text or object, without really applying it.

  • Quick Access Toolbar:

In the Microsoft Office, this toolbar sits in the title bar by default and serves as a repository of most utilized functions, likely undo/redo, save, and print. This toolbar is customizable, although it is limited, contrasted to the toolbars in previous versions. Any command accessible in the whole app can be appended to the Quick Access toolbar, containing commands not available on the ribbon plus macros. Keyboard shortcut keys for any of the commands on your toolbar are also completely customizable, just like previous versions. The download link is given here so that you can get your own free suite.

System Requirements :

The following are the minimum system requirements to run the Microsoft Office Professional 2007 suite:

  • One GHz or faster processor/CPU
  • Windows XP or later OS
  • Two GB space
  • 512 MB empty RAM space
  • 1,024 x 768 screen resolution

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